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For Employee Health

In the Asahi Group, we attach importance to employees' physical and mental health and help each of them to enrich their lifestyle. We believe that these initiatives will also lead to the growth of the company.

Promotion of Good Health

The Asahi Group (in Japan) holds regular meetings of the Group Council for Promotion of Good Health, where people from companies, labor unions, and Asahi Group Health Insurance Association discuss health-related issues. We proceed with initiatives for promoting good health after showing our commitment to them to the management.
To strengthen and develop these activities, the Asahi Group Health and Productivity Management Policy were established in 2021 in accordance with the People Statement.

Asahi Group Health and Productivity Management Policy

In cooperation with its employees, the Asahi Group achieves a vigorous, safe work climate that prioritizes the physical and mental health of employees and their families and aggressively advances health improvement activities.

The Asahi Group companies promise their employees that they:
  • Work to keep worksites safe and design systems for that purpose;
  • Ensure that health-first values spread throughout the Asahi Group; and
  • Provide health-related plans and initiatives for employees to voluntarily and proactively participate in.
Employees promise their company that they:
  • Share the company's health is our biggest priority;
  • Proactively participate in health improvement activities and change their behaviors accordingly; and
  • Develop consistent health habits and maximize their abilities.
Group Health Promotion Structure (in Japan)
Group Health Promotion Structure (in Japan)

Specific Activities

The Asahi Group (in Japan) has set indicators for the promotion of employee health. We believe it is important to monitor the indicators over time to rotate the PDCA cycle for each program and improve our employees' physical and mental health.

Health Indicators Target 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Year Target Value
Percentage of employees undergoing stress checks - 100% 93.9% 91.8% 92.2% 93.6% 95.0%
Percentage of employees who are smokers 2025 19% 32.6% 32.3% 31.6% 31.0% Underway
Rate of employees maintaining appropriate weight (employees with a BMI between 18.5 and 25) - - 60.1% 59.3% 59.3% 64.1% Underway
Percentage of employees engaged in habitual exercise*1 - - 22.3% 21.8% 22.7% 25.7% Underway
Percentage of employee ensuring proper sleep and nutrition - - 57.8% 57.6% 59.1% 62.2% Underway
Percentage of employees with metabolic syndrome*2 - - 35.1% 34.8% 34.9% 36.1% Underway
Percentage of employees undergoing special health check-ups*3 By 2023 98% 97.3% 97.6% 97.7% 97.8% Underway
Percentage of employees implementing specific health guidance*4 By 2023 45% 25.1% 22.1% 19.1% 25.6% Underway

* Scope of aggregation: Up to 2018, data is based on Asahi Group Health Insurance Society enrollee data (insured employees aged 40 and over). However, the percentage of employees who undergo stress checks covers all Asahi Group employees.
From 2019, the data covers all Asahi Group employees from 2019. Data on employees with metabolic syndrome, employees undergoing special health check-ups and employees implementing special health guidance is based on Asahi Group Health Insurance Society enrollee data (insured employees aged 40 and over).
*1 Percentage of employees engaged in habitual exercise: percentage of employees who have been exercising at least 30 minutes twice a week for at least one year
*2 Percentage of employees with metabolic syndrome: percentage of employees to which the standard applies + the percentage who fall under the preliminary group
*3 Percentage of employees undergoing special health check-ups: not yet determined as of January 2021 as check-ups were performed between April 2020 and March 2021
*4 Percentage of employees implementing specific health guidance: not yet determined as of January 2021 due to variations in the 2020 data regarding the length of guidance period.

Activities of Operating Companies

Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

Asahi Breweries, Ltd., has established priority measures under the following basic health policy. It is taking initiatives to promote good health among its employees.

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Basic Health Policy

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. is supporting efforts for health maintenance so that employees can actively continue to work through a long-term career until the age of 65 years.

<Specific Activities>
  • Conclusion of visiting doctor contracts with psychiatrists to construct a system for mental health measures (approximately 20 sites including plants and offices)
  • Enhancement of health guidance system for employees
  • Industrial health staff from each business unit to work as key planners and managers of health support
Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.

Further, Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. promotes activities under the Asahi Soft Drinks Health Challenge! program, which is aimed at achieving a healthy, comfortable life.

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Basic Policy on the Health Challenge! Program

Asahi Soft Drinks will be a company that helps people improve their health on a daily basis through beverages.

<Specific Activities>
  • Implementing a health point program for employees
  • Tackling initiatives for addressing health-related issues identified by municipal governments nationwide
  • Introducing the Master of Lactic Acid Bacteria program
Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.

Asahi Group Foods, Ltd. is striving to advance the health of its employees through the Asahi Group's basic approach for health advancement and based on five perspectives.

<Specific Activities>
  • Implementing health advancement measures for employees at each business site
  • Implementing the My Health Up campaign (improving lifestyle habits)
  • Implementing anti-smoking measures at business sites
  • Enhancing health guidance systems for employees

Addressing Global Health Issues

Some of the regions in which the Asahi Group conducts business are experiencing outbreaks of such infectious diseases as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The Asahi Group is actively engaged in resolving these global health issues.
Employees in Japan receive chest X-ray examinations as part of their regular health checkups for early detection of tuberculosis and other respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.
Employees posted overseas receive medical checkups and vaccinations prior to posting and regular checkups during their posting, which are followed up by appropriate guidance. They also go in for a checkup upon return to their original country of employment.

Prevention of Long Working Hours

The Asahi Group is working to prevent long working hours through the proper management of working hours, promotion of the use of paid leave, and work-style reform in order to prevent health problems caused by overwork.

Proper Management of Working Hours

The Asahi Group has operated a personnel management system that allows supervisors to monitor and manage data on employee arrival and departure times from the workplace via web browsers since 2007. Through this system, supervisors view and grant approval for the employees' arrival and departure times entered by the employees as well as times when they sign-in and sign-off on their computers.
This system encourages each employee to be more conscientious about reporting their working hours and their work styles. Because supervisors understand how long their subordinates work using this system, they can reconsider duty assignments within their departments if necessary. This system enables mindset reform towards more productive ways of working.

Encouraging Employees to Take Paid Leave

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. has introduced the leave of absence programs described below with the aim of encouraging employees to take several consecutive days of paid leave. It has also set a target to ensure that all employees obtain paid holidays through each of these programs.

  • The refreshment leave program encourages employees to take at least six consecutive days of leave per year by combining paid leave and public holidays.
  • The commemorative leave program allows employees to determine two days that can be taken as paid leave for any reason.
  • The personal holiday program allows employees to take their holidays at their own discretion.

Actions for Work-Style Reform

From the perspectives of the personnel management system, utilization of information technologies and the office environment, Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. endeavors to develop its corporate culture and increase employees' awareness to help them work flexibly according to their lifestyles, creating an efficient working environment in any location and at any time. Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. has a goal of 100% utilization of the super flextime and teleworking programs. The use of Skype and shared offices is part of our efforts to develop an environment that offers employees a more flexible choice of how to work in a bid to increase motivation and productivity.

Further, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. has operated its Work-style Reform Project since 2017. The President of the company is the project's owner. Employees and the management united to address the reform not merely aimed at reducing overtime working hours, but at achieving higher productivity through essential operational improvements. The reform has led to the reduction of regular working hours (effective from fiscal 2018), the encouragement of teleworking and chokko-chokki (travelling straight between home and client sites), the streamlining of work through online meetings and shorter processes for internal decision making, among others. It increases the number of offices and plants subject to the super flextime program without core hours and to the teleworking program, and revises these programs so employees can more easily take advantage of them.

Acquisition Ratio and Number of Days of Paid Leave Obtained by Employees
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Acquisition ratio of paid leave 60.0% 63.0% 65.76% 71.75% 60.7%
Number of days of paid leave obtained 11.5 11.7 12.5 13.5 11.4

*Scope of aggregation: Major Asahi Group companies (Click here for more information)
*Target period: January to December 2020

Monthly Average Overtime Work Hours among Employees
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Average monthly overtime work hours 21.8 h 20.3 h 21.1 h 21.1 h 19.1 h

*Scope of aggregation: Major Asahi Group companies (Click here for more information)
*Target period: January to December 2020

External Evaluation

The Asahi Group has spent many years building up a workplace environment where every employee can work energetically and in good health. We have received the following external evaluations for these initiatives.

Selected as One of the “White 500” Companies for Outstanding Health and Productivity Management and as an Enterprise Selected the Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program

Health and Productivity 2021

The “White 500” is a list of companies acknowledged as engaging in outstanding health and productivity management based on their efforts to tackle local health issues and cooperate with initiatives to improve health spearheaded by Nippon Kenko Kaigi. Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. was selected for the list for five consecutive years from 2017.
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. has also been selected four times by the Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange operate the joint program that selects enterprises that work to manage the health and productivity of employees from a managerial perspective and establish strategic efforts accordingly.

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