Workforce Health and Safety


The Asahi Group considers ensuring the safety and health of employees at worksites to be one of the important corporate responsibilities. It therefore assesses occupational safety and health in both new and existing businesses to reduce accident and health risks.
Based on the labor agreement concluded with the labor unions and on work regulations, the Asahi Group is working to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment, and at each business unit, a committee to control and manage safety and health has been set up by labor and management. These committees identify issues and points of improvement at each worksite and take measures in response.

Labor Agreement/Work Regulations on Occupational Safety and Health (Excerpt) (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

(Provision 56 of the Labor Agreement: Safety and Health)
  • The company shall recognize the importance of ensuring safety and health for union members at the work setting, and labor and management will work together in an effort to improve the work environment.
  1. The company will discuss with the union on the policies and standards mentioned in the previous paragraph.
(Provision 63 of the Work Regulations: The Fundamentals of Safety and Health)

The company will recognize the importance of ensuring safety and health for employees at the work setting, and will strive to improve the work environment. (The rest is omitted.)

Management System

At each factory of the Asahi Group, Safety and Health Committee is convened once a month with a number of representatives of labor and management attending.
Furthermore, by focusing on activities to eradicate and reduce potential risks through risk assessment*, we promote safety and health activities with full participation under the strong conviction that worker injuries can be eliminated.
In the future, we will take initiatives to further improve the safety side of labor while we place an emphasis on mental health and strive to strengthen the aspects of sanitation and health.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

* Risk assessment
A method that evaluates risks and gives an order of priority to reduce them by specifying all dangers and hazardous factors of equipment and work.


Main Results for FY2019

  • 21.1 hours of overtime, 71.75% of paid leave taken (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

Going Forward

The Asahi Group will thoroughly engage in activities to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace and actively promote initiatives that advance employee health.

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