Initiatives for Employee Safety and Health

Basic Approach for Occupational Safety and Health

Ensuring safety and health for employees at the work setting is one of the important responsibilities for a company. Based on the labor agreement concluded with the labor unions and work regulations, the Asahi Group endeavors to maintain and establish a safe and healthy environment.

At each business unit, a committee to control and manage safety and health is set up by the labor and management. These committees identify issues and points of improvement at each work setting and take measures in response.

Labor Agreement/Work Regulations on Occupational Safety and Health (Excerpt) (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

(Provision 56 of the Labor Agreement: Safety and Health)
  • The company shall recognize the importance of ensuring safety and health for union members at the work setting, and labor and management will work together in an effort to improve the work environment.
  1. The company will discuss with the union on the policies and standards mentioned in the previous paragraph.
(Provision 63 of the Work Regulations: The Fundamentals of Safety and Health)

The company will recognize the importance of ensuring safety and health for employees at the work setting, and will strive to improve the work environment. (The rest is omitted.)

Management Structure on Occupational Safety and Health

Safety and Health Committee

At each factory of the Asahi Group, Safety and Health Committee is convened once a month with a number of representatives of labor and management attending.
Furthermore, by focusing on activities to eradicate and reduce potential risks through risk assessment*, we promote safety and health activities with full participation under the strong conviction that worker injuries can be eliminated.
In the future, we will take initiatives to further improve the safety side of labor while we place an emphasis on mental health and strive to strengthen the aspects of sanitation and health.

Risk assessment
Risk Assessment

* Risk assessment
A method that evaluates risks and gives an order of priority to reduce them by specifying all dangers and hazardous factors of equipment and work.

Initiatives for Occupational Safety and Health and Status of Occurrence of Industrial Accidents

The Asahi Group promotes independent safety and health activities that are suitable to the worksite with the Safety and Health Committee of each company and business unit taking the lead. As key initiatives, the following practices are being implemented: The 5S activities (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain), compliance with safety rules, following through with risk assessment, strengthening of training and support, eradication of multiple accidents, and the effective execution of the PDCA cycle.
In FY2017, there were 24 industrial accidents at Asahi Group's factories and research laboratories. Going forward, we will further ensure the fundamentals of safety and health while we strengthen the mutual inspection and information exchange between the Group companies. Consequently, we will develop effective safety policies that correspond to the actual condition of each business unit. In addition, by raising the level of and reinforcing the spread of safety culture by practicing the aforementioned policies, we will endeavor to achieve zero accidents.

Frequency and severity rates of industrial accidents (regular employees, contract employees)
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Frequency of industrial accident 0.86 0.76 1.08 0.97 1.19
Severity rates of industrial accident 0.0025 0.0118 0.0038 0.0075 0.0160
Awards Concerning Occupational Safety and Health
Name of Company and Business Unit Award Year Name of Award
Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Ibaraki Brewery FY2013 Accident-free Record Certification, Class 14.5 million hours accident-free Awarded by Labor Standards Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor & Welfare
Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Kanagawa Brewery FY2016 Excellence Award from the Director of Labour Standards Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Nagoya Brewery FY2016 Excellence Award from the Aichi THP (Total Health Promotion) Council, Aichi Labour Bureau
THP (Total Health Promotion) Council of Japan
Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Suita Brewery FY2017 Encouragement Award from the Director of Labour Standards Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Group Safety and Health Promotion Council

Scene from the Training for Safety Staff
Scene from the Training for Safety Staff

Aiming to raise safety awareness as a whole, since 2005 the Asahi Group has been periodically implementing Training for Safety Staff by inviting an instructor from outside, and Safety and Health Promotion Council for sharing knowledge and know-how. By formulating safety policies, we have been endeavoring to raise the safety level of the entire group.

Safety Training

In addition to education mandated by law, Asahi Breweries conducts periodic internal education and training on safety including safety management seminars for each position and incident disaster investigation training with a focus on plant employees and takes other measures to prevent industrial accidents.

Number of participants
Training FY2018
For Managers 25
For Supervisors 53
For Employees 470
Incident Investigation 59

Promotion of Good Health

In the Asahi Group, we attach importance to employees' physical and mental health and help each of them to enrich their lifestyle under our Basic Policy on Promotion of Good Health. We believe that these initiatives will also lead to the growth of the company.

At present, we hold regular meetings of the Group Council for Promotion of Good Health, where people from companies, labor unions, and health insurance unions discuss health-related issues. We proceed with initiatives for promoting good health after showing our commitment to them to the management.

Asahi Group Basic Policy on Promotion of Good Health

At the Asahi Group, we each take initiatives to improve our health, keep each other healthy both physically and mentally, and lead fulfilling lives together.


  • believe that we should improve our health ourselves;
  • pay attention to our peers' health and help them improve their health;
  • work together to create a vibrant workplace;
  • take actions individually for improving our health in a way that is suitable for each one of us; and
  • make it a habit to take health actions and remain in good health throughout our life
Structure of the Group Council for Promotion of Good Health
Structure of the Group Council for Promotion of Good Health

In addition, Asahi Breweries, Ltd., a core operating company, has established priority measures under the following basic health policy. It is taking initiatives to promote good health among its employees.

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Health Basic Policy

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. is supporting efforts for health maintenance so that employees can actively continue to work through a long-term career until the age of 65 years.

Specific Initiatives

  • Conclusion of visiting doctor contracts with psychiatrists to construct a system for mental health measures (approximately 20 sites including plants and offices)
  • Enhancement of health guidance system for employees
  • Industrial health staff from each business unit to work as key planners and managers of health support measures

Further, Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. promotes activities under the Asahi Soft Drinks Health Challenge! program, which is aimed at achieving a healthy, comfortable life.

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Basic Policy on the Health Challenge! Program

Asahi Soft Drinks will be a company that helps people improve their health on a daily basis through beverages.

Specific Initiatives

  • Implementing the My Health Challenge! program, a health promotion measure for employees
  • Holding events for checking customers' health
  • Taking initiatives for addressing health-related issues identified by municipal governments nationwide
  • Holding employee seminars for improving diet and stretching classes
  • Introducing the Master of Lactic Acid Bacteria program
  • Providing healthy drinks to employees
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Prevention of Long Working Hours

Proper Management of Working Hours

The Asahi Group has operated a personnel management system that allows supervisors to monitor and manage data on employee arrival and departure times from the workplace via web browsers since 2007. Through this system, supervisors view and grant approval for the employees' arrival and departure times entered by the employees as well as times when they sign-in and sign-off on their computers.
This system encourages each employee to be more conscientious about reporting their working hours and their work styles. Because supervisors understand how long their subordinates work using this system, they can reconsider duty assignments within their departments if necessary. This system enables mindset reform towards more productive ways of working.

Encouraging Employees to Take Paid Leave

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. has introduced the leave of absence programs described below with the aim of encouraging employees to take several consecutive days of paid leave. It has also set a target to ensure that all employees obtain paid holidays through each of these programs.

  • The refreshment leave program encourages employees to take at least six consecutive days of leave per year by combining paid leave and public holidays.
  • The commemorative leave program allows employees to determine two days that can be taken as paid leave for any reason.
  • The personal holiday program allows employees to take their holidays at their own discretion.

Actions for Work-Style Reform

From the perspectives of the personnel management system, utilization of information technologies and the office environment, Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. endeavors to develop its corporate culture and increase employees' awareness to help them work flexibly according to their lifestyles, creating an efficient working environment in any location and at any time. Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. has a goal of 100% utilization of the super flextime and teleworking programs. The use of Skype and shared offices is part of our efforts to develop an environment that offers employees a more flexible choice of how to work in a bid to increase motivation and productivity.

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. launched a work-style reform project with its president as the project owner to move forward with this reform. Employees and the management united to address the reform not merely aimed at reducing overtime working hours, but at achieving higher productivity through essential operational improvements. It resulted in the curtailment of the prescribed working hours, which came into effect in FY2018, more efficient meetings and the acceleration of the internal decision-making process. It increases the number of offices and plants subject to the super flextime program without core hours and to the teleworking program, and revises these programs so employees can more easily take advantage of them.

Acquisition ratio and number of days of paid leave obtained by employees of major group companies in Japan
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Acquisition ratio of paid leave 58.4% 59.4% 60.0% 63.0% 65.76%
Number of days of paid leave obtained 11.2 11.3 11.5 11.7 12.5

Scope: Major Asahi Group companies in Japan (For details about the scope, click here.)

Monthly average overtime work hours among employees of major group companies in Japan
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Average monthly overtime work hours 23.9 h 22.1 h 21.8 h 20.3 h 21.1 h

Scope: Major Asahi Group companies in Japan (For details about the scope, click here.)

External Evaluation

The Asahi Group has spent many years building up a workplace environment where every employee can work energetically and in good health. We have received the following external evaluations for these initiatives.

Selected as a one of the “White 500” companies for outstanding health and productivity management

Health and Productivity Stock Selection

The “White 500” is a list of companies acknowledged as engaging in outstanding health and productivity management based on their efforts to tackle local health issues and cooperate with initiatives to improve health spearheaded by Nippon Kenko Kaigi. Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. was selected for the list for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019.

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