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Human Resources Development


The Asahi Group has established the Group Human Resources Policy “People Statement” and strives to create an environment in which diverse employees around the world can work healthily and vigorously in a safe work place, and in which each individual can grow together. We promote a corporate culture of learning that is full of opportunities for individual and team growth and tolerant of mistakes.When hiring personnel, only the knowledge and experience necessary to perform the job are required, and in accordance with the Asahi Group Human Rights Principles, no discrimination is made on the basis of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, ideology, gender, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, employment status, or any other characteristic protected by the laws and regulations of other countries or regions.
We will continue to promote human resource development by providing global career development and training opportunities.

Management System

The Asahi Group implements plans for the management of human resources in cooperation with its Regional Headquarters (“RHQ”) all over the world. A global HR meeting is held every year to share expertise and address problems in a cross-functional manner, with the goal of facilitating the improvement of each employee.
At each of RHQ, we have established a human resources committee that passes resolutions on the appointment of members of the management team, the succession plan, the remuneration system, and other matters. A management team member of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. participates in the committee either as the chairperson or its member.

Global HR Meeting
Global HR Meeting


The Asahi Group sets KPIs and work on employee development to realize the Asahi Group Philosophy.


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