Developing Human Resources


The Asahi Group has defined Key Human Resources Principles under which it endeavors to create an environment that enables employees to enjoy working and develop their capabilities. We believe that the growth of the overall company is facilitated by an environment where each of its employees, who have diverse backgrounds, can work by taking full advantage of their abilities and aptitudes. We are promoting the creation of a corporate culture that respects diversity and allows each employee to participate actively, regardless of their nationality, gender, or age.

Management System

The Asahi Group promotes a range of human resources measures by working together with the human resources sections of major domestic Group companies, including Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., and Asahi Group Foods, Ltd. We hold regular meetings of the general managers of human resources sections of Group companies, in which we share know-how and address issues of the entire Group so that every single employee can keep taking on challenges to achieve their personal growth.
In addition, in response to the progress of globalization, we promote cooperation with the human resources sections of major overseas Group companies. At each of the companies, we have established a human resources committee that passes resolutions on the appointment of members of the management team, the succession plan, the remuneration system, and other matters. A management team member of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. participates in the committee either as the chairperson or its member.
We also hold a global human resources meeting with executive officers in charge of human resources from major overseas Group companies once or twice every year to discuss policies and issues on human resources measures.


  • Enhance human capital by utilizing the Engagement Survey
  • Set up a global succession meeting by 2021

Main Results for FY2018

Executive Leadership Program (ELP)
  • We implemented an eight-month program for approximately ten trainees who were selected from major domestic Group companies. The program was aimed at developing executive human resources of the Group.
Next Leaders Program (NLP)
  • We implemented this program for approximately 15 trainees who were selected from major domestic Group companies. Aimed at developing next-generation business leaders, the program provided the trainees with the knowledge needed for business management.
Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP)
  • From May 2017 to May 2018, we implemented a training program for potential future business leaders.
  • A total of 12 trainees (three from Europe, four from Oceania, three from Southeast Asia, and two from Japan) participated in the program, which was implemented for the second time.
  • The program included a total of four sessions, including one for case studies and some with executive officers for discussions and presentations.
Career development support
  • We hold seminars on career design for employees of domestic Group companies in their 40s and 50s by inviting external specialists. In 2018, a total of 720 employees attended these seminars.
  • We offer a wealth of online learning support tools that help employees to acquire the knowledge needed for their work. These tools are aimed at encouraging employees to develop their careers on their own.
Global Challengers Program (GCP)
  • This program, which we launched in 2010, is aimed at developing globally competitive human resources at an early stage and in a well-planned manner. Under this program, young employees are dispatched to overseas Group companies for 12 to 18 months. More than 50 employees have been dispatched under the program so far.
  • In 2018, we launched a new program for dispatching employees to newly acquired beer companies in Europe and one for dispatching mid-career employees for several months to enable them to acquire more practical business abilities.
Global HR meeting
  • The global HR meeting was held in November 2018 to discuss personnel issues in response to globalization.

Going Forward

We will develop systems for building a succession planning system, which is aimed at fostering future business leaders by involving major overseas Group companies as well. We will also provide opportunities for career development and personal growth on a global scale in our efforts to promote human resources development.

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