President’s Message

President’s Message

ESG initiatives in the Medium-Term Management Policy

Enhancing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is one of three key priorities set out in the Asahi Group’s current Medium-Term Management Policy. We are engaging in initiatives to realize CSV (Creating Shared Value) that leverages the strengths of the Asahi Group.

Realizing CSV that leverages Asahi’s strengths through new businesses

The Asahi Group’s businesses abound with various kinds of resources. By delving deeply into these resources from a perspective of finding ways to contribute to society and incorporating them into businesses, we believe that we will be able to create CSV that leverages Asahi’s strengths.

In 2017 we started up a new agricultural materials business that uses beer yeast. Processing the cell walls of yeast that remains after brewing beer with an Asahi Group original technology and applying a fertilizer containing the cell walls to plants boosts immunity and resistance to disease and pests, promotes root growth, and allows farms to increase crop yields. Utilizing these cell walls as an agricultural material makes possible stable crop production and reduced use of agricultural chemicals.

At a time of increasing anxiety about food shortages due to worldwide population increase and climate change, we aim to help resolve social issues and increase financial value by utilizing Asahi’s knowledge and technologies in this way.

Global initiatives leading to the next stage of growth

The addition of the European business in 2016 has resulted in an increase in the overseas ratio of core operating profit to nearly 40%, and the Asahi Group’s business foundation has undergone a significant structural transformation.

We must now address climate change and other sustainability issues from a global perspective. We are currently setting new targets and formulating policies for addressing issues with a focus on three areas: the environment, alcohol-related problems, and human rights. In 2018, we have established new CO2 reduction targets and will continue to strengthen reduction efforts.

Also, approximately 60% of the Asahi Group’s employees are persons of non-Japanese nationality. Going forward, we will adopt a global perspective and devote even greater effort to diversity initiatives to enable our employees to work in their own unique ways.

The Asahi Group has reached a new growth stage in our quest to achieve true globalization. We will continue to aspire to be an Asahi Group that can contribute to society by leveraging unique strengths through ESG initiatives.

Akiyoshi Koji
President and Representative Director, CEO
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.