President’s Message

Stepping Up ESG Initiatives and Aiming to Realize a Sustainable and Affluent Society Based on the New Group Philosophy President’s Message

The conditions surrounding the Asahi Group have changed dramatically over the last few years. The Asahi Group's presence and influence have risen, particularly overseas with the acquisition of the liquor business in Europe as an opportunity. This change means at the same time that opportunities and risks right in front of the Group have become more wide-ranging and complex, and the Group has entered a new stage where it cannot run its business based on a “rule-of-thumb” approach.

Taking these factors into consideration, we reformed our previous management philosophy and enforced it as the new Asahi Group Philosophy in January 2019. The Asahi Group can exist in society for the first time by manufacturing products using the blessings of nature as raw materials and wining the trust of stakeholders. In the Asahi Group Philosophy, we adopt “building value together with all our stakeholders” and promise to deal in good faith with our stakeholders, including customers, employees, members of the society at large, partners and shareholders.

As one specific initiative, we renewed our Medium-Term Management Policy, which had been in effect since 2016, to include the enhancement of environment, social and governance (ESG) initiatives as one of its three priorities. Going forward, we will strengthen our risk management in fields such as the environment, human rights and alcohol-related problems, and link it with the solution of issues confronting society through activities for creating shared value (CSV) that make the most of the strengths of the Asahi Group.

I believe the significance of the Asahi Group's existence lies in generating new value through operations with social issues as starting points. The Group will continue aiming to evolve into a group of companies trusted by stakeholders and will sustain its efforts to realize a sustainable and affluent society.

Akiyoshi Koji
President and Representative Director, CEO
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.