Value Creation Utilizing Strengths of Asahi Group

The Group's Key Issues

Why this Issue is Important

To ensure sustainable business management, a company must solve issues in its environment while operating its business. At present, the world faces diverse food-related problems, including food shortages attributed to the global population growth, as well as nutrition and health problems. The Asahi Group believes that it can help solve these issues by taking advantage of its strengths and expertise cultivated through the operation of its businesses.

Related SDGs


Each Asahi Group company has accumulated a wide range of resources and knowledge since its foundation. These include yeasts and fermentation technologies that are needed for brewing beer, such as Asahi Super Dry, and technological capabilities cultivated through research on lactic acid bacteria for CALPIS and other activities.
We will solve the issues by applying these resources and technologies as the Asahi Group's strengths and unique features to achieve CSV (Creating Shared Value) in Asahi's own way. We will also strive to improve our corporate value further by generating both financial and social value.

Management System

At each Asahi Group company, we have established a management system under which departments ranging from those involved in manufacturing to those in charge of sales cooperate to solve social issues in a cross-sectoral manner. Their contents are shared and discussed at the Group CSR Promotion Council and reported to the Corporate Strategy Board.


Resolving Social Issues through New Drinking Opportunities
  • Extend non- and low-alcohol beers in the portfolio, doubling sales revenue by 2021(Asahi Europe Ltd)
  • Expand the proportion of non-alcohol beers in the Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd portfolio by 5% of volume by 2021(Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd)
Providing products utilizing yeast and lactic acid bacteria
  • Start selling functional food using lactic acid bacteria by 2021 (Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.)
Developing Products with Reduced Sugar
  • Make 90% of the non-alcohol portfolio (by volume) no-, low-, or reduced-sugar by 2025 (Asahi Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd)
  • Develop the no- and low-sugar portfolio by 2021 (Etika)
Expanding Health-Based Business and Business that Contributes to a Recycling-Based Society
  • Reduce quantity of feed grain needed to rear livestock by 2.5 million tons by expanding sales of CALPSPORIN. 
    Based on the total sales of CALPSPORIN over the three years to 2021, conduct a trial calculation of the reduction of the quantity of feed grain used. The reduction of the quantity of feed grain is calculated from the feed efficiency (in-company research) through the use of CALPSPORIN. (Asahi Calpis Wellness, Co., Ltd.)
Resolving Social Issues in the Agricultural Field through Agricultural Materials Using Yeast Cell Wall
  • Achieve business growth as a CSV business operator (Asahi Biocycle)

Main Results for FY2017

  • 10% year-on-year increase in sales quantity of Karada Calpis

Going Forward

By taking advantage of the Asahi Group's strengths, we will strive to create new value based on social issues.