Resolving Social Issues through New Drinking Opportunities

Applicable Business

Alcoholic Beverage Business


When enjoyed in moderation, alcoholic beverages can bring happiness and warmth to our daily lives. At the same time, when consumed inappropriately, they can harm people's health or have various negative effects on society. As a new proposal aimed at solving the social issue of inappropriate alcohol consumption, the Asahi Group has focused on the development and marketing of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol products. In the future, we will suggest new options suited to local needs in each area.

Management System

To address social issues, we have established a management system that links the departments associated with everything from manufacturing to sales in a cross-sectoral manner for each company responsible for the Asahi Group's international alcoholic beverage business. The details of this system are shared and discussed in Group CSR Promotion meetings and reported at Corporate Strategy Board meetings.


  • Extend non- and low-alcohol beers in the portfolio, doubling sales revenue by 2021 (Asahi,Europa,Ltd.)
  • Expand the proportion of non-alcohol beers in the portfolio by 5% of volume by 2021 (Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd.)

Main Results for FY2018

  • Released Peroni Libera, the first non-alcoholic product from Asahi International for the U.K. market (Asahi,Europa,Ltd.)
  • Made 3.6% of all products (by sales volume) non-alcoholic products (Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd.)

Going Forward

Asahi,Europa,Ltd. and Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd. will help solve the social issue of inappropriate alcohol consumption by enhancing the portfolio of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beverages in their alcoholic beverage business portfolios.

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