Developing Products with Reduced Sugar

Applicable Business

International Beverage Business


While the social issue of poverty persists around the world, in developed countries the number of people suffering from obesity and diabetes is on the rise. The World Health Organization (WHO) takes this issue seriously and since 2016 has been calling on countries to impose taxes on sweetened beverages in an effort to curb sugar consumption.
In light of an increasingly health-conscious public and customer needs, the Asahi Group has been enhancing its lineup of non-sugar and low-sugar beverages to reflect circumstances in each area and meet customer needs in its international beverage business, mainly in Asia and Oceania. By delivering health-conscious products utilizing the technologies and knowledge the Asahi Group has accumulated to date, we will contribute to improved quality of life (QOL) through food in mature societies.

Management System

To address social issues, we have established a management system that links the departments associated with everything from manufacturing to sales in a cross-sectoral manner for each company responsible for the Asahi Group's international beverage business. The details of this system are shared and discussed in Group CSR Promotion meetings and reported at Corporate Strategy Board meetings.


  • Make 90% of the non-alcohol portfolio (by volume) no-, low-, or reduced-sugar by 2025 (Asahi Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.)
  • Develop the no- and low-sugar portfolio by 2021 (Etika Beverages Sdn. Bhd.)

Main Results for FY2018

  • Made 57% of the products (by sales volume) in the soft drink category non-sugar or low-sugar (5g or less of sugar per 100ml) (Asahi Holdings (Australia) Pty. Ltd.)

Going Forward

By expanding the non-sugar and low-sugar portfolios in the beverage business portfolios of Asahi Holdings (Australia) and Etika Beverages, we will help solve food-related social issues.

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