Resolving Social Issues in the Agricultural Field
through Agricultural Materials Using Yeast Cell Wall

Applicable Business

Asahi Biocycle Co., Ltd.


The global increase in population is giving rise to food shortages. There is also unease about the safety and security of food. In pursuit of solutions to these issues, the Asahi Group utilizes its applied technology of fermentation and microorganisms, cultivated through the brewing of beer, and pushes forward with research on new applications of by-products.
The Asahi Group's proprietary technology created agricultural material from the yeast cell wall, which is a by-product of beer brewing. The material offers two benefits: enhancing the immunity inherent in plants and facilitating their growth. By utilizing the agricultural material and expanding our efforts and operations in agriculture, we will provide food with sustainable safety and security, pursuing the formation of a recycling-oriented society.

Management System

Engaging in the operations using the yeast cell wall, Asahi Biocycle Co., Ltd. is systematically prepared to achieve cooperation throughout the processes from manufacturing to marketing, in pursuit of solutions to social issues. The readiness is reported at management strategy meetings in cooperation with the sustainability division of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.


  • Achieve business growth as a CSV business operator (Asahi Biocycle Co. Ltd.)

Main Results for FY2018

  • The lifecycle evaluation of golf course management, involving the use of the yeast cell wall, which is a byproduct of beer brewing, has been expanded from the greens to the entire course and verified through collaborative research.
  • In the collaborative research with Hokkaido University, dispersing the agricultural material using the beer yeast cell wall onto the surfaces of potato leaves has been shown to boost profits.

Going Forward

Currently, the beer yeast cell wall is used in Japan to grow farm and horticultural products. Expanding our sales outlet overseas, we will try to solve farming issues in ASEAN nations. From 2019 and in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), we will utilize the agricultural material with the beer yeast cell wall in an effort to solve issues for farming operations in developing countries.

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