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Main Q&As at FY2018 Q2 Financial Results briefing

Based on the stagnation of Alcohol Beverages Business this year, how does Asahi tackle to achieve the profit growth guideline in Medium Term Management Policy?
We aim to achieve the sustainable profit growth driven by increasing the accuracy of analysis for consumption trends and developing the brand strategy matching the target needs in Alcohol Beverages Business. We will also introduce zero based budgeting and achieve the profit growth more than expected in Overseas Business centered on favorable Europe business. Through those initiatives, we will accomplish the Medium-Term Management Policy guidelines.
How does Asahi enhance the brand equity of Asahi Super Dry and revitalize the domestic alcohol market as a leading company?
We review the targeting for each category amongst the alcohol market trend in which the low-end consumers are growing more than expected. We also communicate more with appealing the individual character and brand equity of Asahi Super Dry. We revitalize the market through proposing added value products based on the innovation continuously.
What factors drive the continuous healthy growth of Europe business?
In both Western and Central Europe, we enhance our group priorities and expand our leading premium brands through cross-selling in each home market. Although the favorable weather has also positive impacts to our results, the main factor is creating synergies with the high motivation in local staff.
What are the Asahi’s perspective and initiatives towards consumption tax hike in 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and alcohol tax revision for beer type in 2020?
We envisage the consumption tax hike is the negative impacts and alcohol tax revision for beer type has also pros and cons in each beer type category. Even in such circumstances, we improve added value of our core brands in each category and leveraging the position of one and only Gold Partner of Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in alcohol beverages industry, we will strengthen the marketing strategy leading the rejuvenation of whole alcohol industry.