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7 June, 2017

Asahi Group Holdings bonds have received credit ratings from the following rating agencies.

Agency Rating
Rating and Investment Information, Inc. A+
Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. AA-


Name Issued Amount issued
(million yen)
Yield Maturity
2nd Debentures Oct.21,2011 20,000 0.760% per annum Oct.19,2018
3rd Debentures Jul.13,2012 18,000 0.331% per annum Jul.13,2017
4th Debentures Jul.13,2012 10,000 0.547% per annum Jul.12,2019
5th Debentures Jul.15,2014 25,000 0.229% per annum Jul.15,2019
6th Debentures Jul.15,2014 10,000 0.366% per annum Jul.15,2021
7th Debentures May.28,2015 25,000 0.237% per annum May.28,2020
8th Debentures May.28,2015 10,000 0.348% per annum May.28,2022
9th Debentures Jun.13,2017 100,000 0.080% per annum Jun.12,2020
10th Debentures Jun.13,2017 130,000 0.170% per annum Jun.13,2022
11th Debentures Jun.13,2017 20,000 0.230% per annum Jun.13,2024
12th Debentures Jun.13,2017 30,000 0.330% per annum Jun.11,2027