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  3. 1 Jun. 2022

Asahi Group Calls for "RE:CONNECTION for the EARTH" : Employees Around the World Help Preserve Regional Environment towards World Environment Day, June 5.

1 Jun. 2022
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

 (Tokyo, Japan - June 1, 2022) - Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of community support activity for Asahi Group employees around the world, "RE:CONNECTION for the EARTH", with the aim of regional environment conservation. To realize sustainable communities, employees of Asahi Group around the world will participate in regional environmental activities towards World Environment Day, June 5.


 "RE:CONNECTION for the EARTH" is a common global community support activity that was first adopted by Asahi Group. Asahi Group's regional headquarters in Japan, Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia agree with the activity and will implement a variety of projects around the world. This will strengthen the bond between employees and the community by enhancing employees' interest in and understanding of regional environmental preservation.

Initiatives for Example

Asahi Group Head Office Building
Asahi Group Head Office Building
  • Japan: Webinars for employees based on the theme of forest conservation, activities to preserve water sources and forests near worksites, and clean-up events around breweries and plants. In support of the campaign "Green for the Environment Day" established by Ministry of the Environment, Asahi Group head office building in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, will be illuminated green on June 5.
  • Malaysia: In collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Technology at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, webinars on preservation of river ecosystem will be held for employees, faculty and students of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and local NGOs. Besides, vlog contest and clean-up activities on the Langat River (Sungai Langat) will also be held.
Atsushi Katsuki, President and CEO at Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. comments:
 We hope to create new discoveries and value through opportunities involving participation by each and every employee in activities aimed at solving regional social issues to foster productive connections within society. The activities of "RE:CONNECTION for the EARTH" deliver on a promise to make contributions to the development of communities by sharing the best practices of each regional initiative with society on a global scale.

 With the aim of integrating sustainability into its management, Asahi Group has been working on group-wide sustainability by building a global promotion structure and setting targets. Working to invigorate our precious future, we have defined “Cheer the Future” as our promise to the world of tomorrow. As such, we will contribute to a sustainable society through our business.

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