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  3. 29 Jun. 2022

A new permanent location, SUMADORI-BAR SHIBUYA, to open on June 30 in Shibuya.

29 Jun. 2022
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

(Tokyo, Japan — June 29, 2022) – Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. is pleased to announce that through a joint venture company, Asahi Breweries, Ltd., the company that handles the Group's alcohol beverages business in Japan, will launch the SHIBUYA SMART DRINKING PROJECT on June 29 and open a permanent location, SUMADORI-BAR SHIBUYA, in Shibuya, Tokyo on June 30. Asahi Breweries has been advocating for "Smart Drinking", which promotes diversity in drinking. By working more closely with a variety of external partners, including corporations and local governments, we aim to solve social issues and help create a society that embraces diversity in drinking.

Smart Drinking

 In December 2020, Asahi Breweries launched Smart Drinking, aiming to build a society in which both drinkers and non-drinkers can enjoy mutual respect. In 2021, we gradually disclosed the amount of pure alcohol (grams) in our products on our website, and developed a new category of “minimal alcohol” products that contain only very small amounts of alcohol (less than 1%). For Japan, our goal is to expand the proportion of our sales volume made up by alcohol beverages with an ABV of 3.5% or less and non-alcohol beverages to 20% by 2025.
 In January 2022, Asahi Breweries established Smart Drinking Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Dentsu Digital Inc. This aims to create a stronger framework for supporting a variety of initiatives, such as identifying and understanding the wide range of consumer insights, developing products and services that help create an environment where diversity can be embraced.


 On June 29, Smart Drinking Co., Ltd. will launch the SHIBUYA SMART DRINKING PROJECT in collaboration with Future Design Shibuya General Incorporated Association affiliated with Shibuya City. SHIBUYA SMART DRINKING PROJECT is a project launched with the aim of fostering an appropriate drinking culture and helping to build a safe, secure, and clean community. To this end, it will provide information and seminars on responsible, appropriate drinking to address the alcohol-related issues that have emerged in Shibuya City, such as poor public conduct brought about by the increase in street drinking during the COVID-19 pandemic, and disruptive behavior resulting from drunkenness.
 Under the Smart Drinking concept, SUMADORI-BAR SHIBUYA, which will open on June 30, and universities in Shibuya City will hold seminars, workshops, and events to raise awareness of appropriate drinking among university students. In addition to operating the business, employees hired by SUMADORI-BAR SHIBUYA will serve as “Smart Drinking Ambassadors” to promote Smart Drinking and to provide advice for the development of new menu items. We hope that the project's activities will contribute to solving social issues in Shibuya City and help build a society that embraces diversity in drinking.


 Smart Drinking Co., Ltd. will open SUMADORI-BAR SHIBUYA, where consumers can enjoy more than 100 drinks with 0.00%, 0.5%, and 3.0% ABV, in Shibuya Center-Gai on June 30. At 0.00%, 0.5%, and 3.0% ABV, a wide variety of drinks accessible for those who do not or cannot drink alcohol is available, such as Hard Craft Lemonade and Hard Craft Cola. These also include Asahi Breweries' Beery, a minimal alcohol beer-style drink, and Bispa, a minimal alcohol sparkling wine-style drink, which are sold in Japan at 0.5% ABV, as well as Viva, a hard seltzer with 3.0% ABV. In addition, as part of the SHIBUYA SMART DRINKING PROJECT, original cocktails developed in collaboration with university students over 20 years old will be served.
 Using the mobile ordering system, data such as consumers' pre-registered basic information, questionnaires regarding alcohol consumption, and details of the products they order will be collected and analyzed in order to develop future products and services.

 With the aim of integrating sustainability into its management, Asahi Group has been working on group-wide sustainability by building a global promotion structure and setting targets. The key initiatives on which to focus our management resources to also include “reduction in inappropriate drinking” and “solution of alcohol-related issues through creation of new drinking opportunities.” Working to invigorate our precious future, we have defined “Cheer the Future” as our promise to the world of tomorrow, and are working to contribute to a sustainable society through our business.

Asahi Group Responsible Drinking