Use of Cookies

Established on January 13, 2021
Amended on January 1, 2022
Amended on April 1, 2022

The Asahi Group* is using cookies and related technologies (collectively, “Cookies”) on the websites managed by the Asahi Group (the “Websites”) and using the information collected through Cookies. In addition, the Asahi Group is collecting information from the mobile apps provided by the Asahi Group (the “Apps”) by collating the same with advertising identifiers, and the like, and is using such collected information.

When a customer uses the Websites, consent to the Use of Cookies (this “Policy”) may be requested. While it is still possible to browse the Websites even without providing consent to this Policy, any strictly necessary Cookies that are essential for the Websites to work will be used regardless of the existence or absence of such consent.

  • The “Asahi Group” collectively refers to Asahi Group Japan, Ltd., and its subsidiaries within Japan (such as Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., Calpis Co., Ltd., Asahi Group Foods, Ltd., Asahi Food Create, Ltd., and Enoteca Co., Ltd.) as well as Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd., Asahi Quality & Innovations, Ltd., Asahi Biocycle Co., Ltd., Asahi Group Arts Foundation and Asahi Group Foundation, and each entity making up the Asahi Group is referred to as an “Asahi Group Company” (provided, however, that Asahi Logi Ltd. shall operate in accordance with the original provisions on the handling of personal information.).

The Websites are using the third-party services provided by the following companies for the purpose of improving customers’ convenience, for instance in searching for information on the Websites. Please note that person-related information that was obtained in connection with the service usage and through which specific individuals may not be identified may be used within the scope provided by these companies.

Company NamePurpose of Use of ServicesWebsite
Mars Flag CorporationFor the search and display of information on websites.
One Compath Co., Ltd.For the display of geographical information (maps) on websites.

1. Cookies Used on the Websites

The main types, the purposes of use, and other information on the cookies that are in use on the Websites are as follows:

Type of CookiesOutline and Purpose of Use of Cookies
Strictly Necessary
These cookies are necessary for websites to function normally and cannot be switched off in the user’s system.
They are generally set only according to a user’s actions that are equivalent to requests for services, such as privacy settings, logging-on, and input to forms. It is possible to set the browser so that these cookies are blocked/warned against; provided, however, that doing so will stop part of the websites from functioning.
These cookies will never save any information that could be used to identify individuals.
These cookies allow the number of visitors and communication traffic sources to be counted, which help in the evaluation and improvement of the Asahi Group’s websites’ performance.
They are also helpful for checking the most and least popular pages and understanding how visitors move around within the Websites. Since all the information collected by these cookies is combined, the anonymity thereof is maintained.
These cookies allow the websites to enhance their functions and to become personalized. These cookies may be set by the Asahi Group or by any third parties providing additional services to the Asahi Group’s websites. If these cookies are not accepted, part or all of the services may not normally function.
These cookies may be set via the Asahi Group’s websites by the Asahi Group’s advertising partners. These companies will create a profile of users’ interests and use these cookies for purposes including the display of related advertisements on other websites. These cookies will never directly save any personal information. They uniquely identify a user’s browser and internet device. If these cookies are not accepted, less targeted, more general advertisements will be displayed.
Social Media
These cookies are set by various social media services added to websites and they enable users to share contents with friends and via networks. By tracking other websites visited via the browser, a profile of a user’s interests is created. Doing so may affect the contents and messages displayed on other websites visited by such user. If these cookies are not accepted, the shared tools will not be able to be used or browsed.

For the third-party cookies that are in use on the Websites, please see “Use of Cookies by Asahi Group’s Business Partners”.

2. Behavioral Targeting Advertising

Each Asahi Group Company may use the user data for the purposes of analyzing customer preferences, and similar information, distributing the advertisements according to the results thereof and otherwise. Furthermore, each Asahi Group Company may, for such analysis, distribution of advertisements, etc., integrate the user data owned by itself into the customer’s purchase history, attribute information, etc., that are owned by the Asahi Group and the information (e.g., the customers’ browsing history on other websites) owned by any third party other than the Asahi Group.

3.How to Opt-Out

If a customer does not wish to receive or participate in the distribution of behavioral targeting advertisements or the collection of various data using the Cookies, the customer may suspend such distribution and collection through the following methods:

1) Disabling Cookies via Device Settings

By disabling the cookies in the devices’ browsers, etc. that are in use, a customer is able to suspend the distribution of targeting advertisements and the like. Please note that if a customer takes this measure, the use of the services on the websites may be restricted and/or part of the functions on such websites or services may become unavailable.

If a customer uses a browser that is different from the one in which the cookies are set to be disabled, if the customer buys a new device, and the like, if the OS is reinstalled, or otherwise, it is necessary to set the cookies to be disabled again.

2) Usage Settings for Each Cookie Category by Cookie Consent Banner Displayed on Websites

By clicking the button to “separately set” cookies from the cookie consent banner displayed in the Websites, the screen redirects to the priority setting center and enables the user to select the cookie category with which the customer permits use of cookie. This setting can be changed as many times as the customer wishes; however, it is necessary to make a new setting for each domain, and when using a different device or browser than what was used for the setting, it is necessary to make such setting again.
In order to change the permission for use of cookie that has already been set, the customer should click the “cookie mark” displayed at the bottom left of the screen in the set domain or “Cookie Settings” shown at the bottom of the screen, which will redirect the screen to the priority setting center, and then make such change there.

3) Procedures for Suspending Advertising Distribution by Other Advertising Companies

In addition to the method explained in (1) and (2) above, customers may ask the advertising distribution companies to suspend behavioral targeting advertisements. For the procedures for suspending such distribution, please see “Use of Cookies by Asahi Group’s Business Partners

4) Procedures for Suspending Advertising Distribution Within Apps

If a customer wishes to suspend the distribution of behavioral targeting advertisements on the Apps, such customer is requested to follow the instructions set forth below as provided by Apple Inc., and Google LLC.

■ See here for iOS products:
Apple Inc.

■ See here for Android products:
Google LLC