Materials Discovery

The Asahi Group was among the first to use microorganism-based technologies to research the functionality of microorganisms and food ingredients, and has developed many functional products. Our microorganism-based technologies and functional evaluation technologies are utilized to improve the taste of our products and to search for new materials that are beneficial to health and the environment.

Flow of processes from materials discovery to product development

Asahi Group Basic Policy for Animal Testing

We have adopted a policy that Asahi Group will not fund, conduct or commission animal tests that are not explicitly required by law in the field of food, beverages and cosmetics.

Yeast Products

A wide range of research seeking to expand the potential of yeast is being done for applications in the food, health and environmental sectors.

Lactic acid bacteria postbiotics/Fermented milk related peptides

The 1970s discovery that the CALPIS® sour milk product used to make CALPIS® may also have health benefits led to the discovery of a series of functional peptides and new functional lactic acid bacteria in fermented milk. These discoveries have been used in an extensive lineup of products.

Lactic acid bacteria materials

Fermented milk materials

Bucillus subtilis probiotics

Bacillus subtilis is a bacterial strain found in dry vegetation and soil that is related to the Bacillus subtilis natto bacterium used to make fermented soybeans (natto). Bacillus subtilis forms spores and becomes dormant under adverse nutritional and temperature conditions. When favorable propagation conditions return, it germinates and transforms back to bacterial form. Its characteristics make it highly durable, eliminating the need for temperature control and enabling prolonged storage.
It currently has a growing range of uses in human healthcare and a wide range of sectors such as livestock and agriculture.