Asahi Group Research & Development Center Asahi Group Research & Development Center

Continuing to create new value to support the coevolution of our business and society Continuing to create new value to support the coevolution of our business and society

The Asahi Group has stepped up its global expansion in recent years, and today the Group has alcohol beverage, soft drink, and food operations — including 96 production plants — in 19 countries around the world. To further the development of these businesses while “contributing to the promotion of healthy living and the enrichment of society worldwide ” (in keeping with our corporate philosophy), the Research & Development Division is striving to create new value through the pursuit of ever more advanced research and cutting-edge technology.
The Asahi Group’s Research & Development Section brings together scientists and engineers equipped with a wide range of expertise and experience to engage in research in a climate of lively interdisciplinary collaboration. In addition to product development in the areas of alcohol beverages, soft drinks, and food, our R & D programs seek out new core technologies to serve as foundations for future business growth and develop analytical tools for food safety. In addition, our researchers are contributing to an affluent and sustainable society by developing environmentally friendly production technologies and packaging, as well as materials to support agriculture and livestock industries.
Supporting these R & D programs is a vast store of technical know-how cultivated over the years and the individual researchers who inherit and build on that know-how. The Research & Development Section will continue its pursuit of standout technology and products as part of the Asahi Group's commitment to achieving sustained growth by creating new value and meeting the expectations of our customers around the world.

Philosophy of
Research & Development

  • MoreDelicious
  • MorePleasant
  • MoreHealthier

We continue to create new values that exceeds the expectations of customers
through products and technologies that set us apart

The Asahi Group manufactures and distributes products for a wide range of people from babies to the elderly. We aspire to become a corporate group that can support a satisfying dietary life for people of all generations.
To this end, we are devising various ways to support customers from the aspects of nutrition and health so that everyone can, regardless of their life stage, enjoy a rich and satisfying dietary life.

Research areas

Search for new ingredients

Microorganisms play an important role in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages and fermented milk. Various technologies, such as fermentation control and analytic technologies, are required to make full use of microorganisms. Leveraging these microbial utilization technologies together with functional evaluation technologies accumulated through the development of various health foods, Asahi Group searches for novel ingredients with beneficial effects on human health.

Product development

We develop a wide range of food and drinks to offer customers products that will contribute to realizing a rich dietary culture. We also develop various health foods and drinks including ”food for specified health use&ldquo (FOSHU) and ”food with function claims&ldquo utilizing various functional ingredients identified through new ingredient research.

Fundamental technologies

We are continuously refining our fundamental technologies to ensure our innovative research findings can be applied to business and to deliver high quality and safe products to customers. Our research on intestinal microflora is also an important field with high potential to open up new research opportunities.