Asahi Group Research and Development Center (Moriya) Asahi Group Research and Development Center (Moriya)

1-1-21 Midori, Moriya, Ibaraki 302-0106, Japan Seven minutes by car from Moriya Station on Tsukuba Express or Joso Line of Kanto Railway

Asahi Group Research and Development Center (Moriya) has a Group-wide operating model to create technology synergy and new value through R&D activities crossing organizational borders.

About the Facilities

Active information exchange is taking place across organizational barriers in our office area, where we have introduced a free address system in our office area to allow workers to freely choose their seat and move around according to their mood or work. In addition, we offer Wi-Fi and a comprehensive search system covering a wide range of information from the world so that researchers can access neces sary information anywhere and anytime.

Combined with welfare facilities including the cafeteria and the refresh room, we provide a work environment to stimulate flexible thinking.We are also committed to environmental conservation and have been certified for ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management systems).

Area Map

  • Research building
    Research building
    Equipped with various laboratories including analytical labs and test production facilities to address the entire process of R&D from basic research to product development.
  • Administration office
    Administration office
    Located at the focal point of the fan-shaped research building, this building serves as an entrance to welcome visitors.
  • Administration and welfare facilities
    Administration and welfare facilities
    This building has offices, cafeteria, library and more.
  • Office
    We adopt a free-address system, where workers can freely choose their seat according to their mood or work.
  • Laboratory
    Our spacious laboratories are designed in consideration of work flow and worker movement, and are equipped with state-of-the-art experimental equipment.
  • Library
    We offer a collection of a wide range of literature and efficient access based on latest information search system.