Organizational Structure of Research Organizational Structure of Research

Asahi Calpis Wellness Co., Ltd.Products Development Dept.

Development products to support the healthy lives of customers

Asahi Calpis Wellness Co., Ltd. aims to support the healthy lives and improve the quality life of customers worldwide through its original functional ingredients extracted from natural products and technologies for utilizing lactic acid bacteria, yeast and other beneficial microbes, gained through years of research.

  • Application of functional ingredients and technologies

    We develop high-value-added products by applying ingredients and technologies obtained from our research for lactic acid drink Calpis as well as other proprietary technologies of the Asahi Group.

  • Functional ingredients born from the heritage of lactic acid drink Calpis

    Kaiun Mishima hoped to contribute to people’s health by utilizing the benefits of lactic acid bacteria and invented Calpis, Japan’s first lactic acid soft drink. He even aspired to expand the benefits of Calpis to the world. Following in his footsteps, we hope to contribute to the health of our customers worldwide by delivering functional ingredients developed from long years of unique research on the physiological functions of lactic acid bacteria and fermented milk.

  • Health foods with distinct features

    We develop health food based on original functional ingredients and technologies. Since its launch in 2004, Areru Care has been embraced by customers who want to maintain balance within their body, Shinayaka Care is a favorite among those who wishes to counteract physiological changes associated with aging and lifestyle habits. Other unique products in our portfolio include Cocokara Care and Wakazumi Ringo Polyphenol (young apple polyphenol).