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Cheer the Future

As the mission in Asahi Group Philosophy states, the Asahi Group has and will continue to deliver on its great taste promise and bring more fun to life. Our products and services made from the blessings from nature bring vitality and joy, and enrich lives around the world. That is why we are committed to a better future by creating meaningful connections between people, nature, communities and societies.

The Corporate Statement

Cheer the Future

President and CEO, Representative Director Atsushi Katsuki
President and CEO, Representative Director
Atsushi Katsuki

Sustainability at the Asahi Group


These actions will allow us to discuss how to resolve our issues and collaborate on solutions that will sustain our society and business, particularly in the areas of Environment, Communities, Responsible Drinking, Health, and Human Rights.

Responsible Drinking
Human Rights


  • Asahi Carbon Zero
  • 3R+Innovation
  • Responsible Drinking Ambassador

As a group, we will set key initiatives on which to focus our management resources and work on those initiatives across the entire value chain, while aspiring to make a positive impact for business and society with our products and services.

Asahi Carbon ZeroRespond to Climate Change

Climate change, driven by global warming, is increasing extreme weather events such as droughts and floods, profoundly affecting people’s lives and various ecosystems around the world. The climate change poses a significant business risk that the Asahi Group cannot afford to overlook. Furthermore, a critical situation is emerging around the world that has been described as a ’global boiling‘ and requires an immediate response. The Asahi Group recognizes this issue as an unavoidable business risk and emphasizes the urgency of reducing CO2 emissions from our business operations and proactively addressing the challenges of climate change.
In an effort to address these issues, the Asahi Group has formulated “Asahi Carbon Zero” with the goal of achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2040. Moreover, we have newly established our "Beyond Carbon Neutral" goals, targeting reduction of CO2 emissions not only within our value chains but also beyond our value chains for a low carbon society. To achieve these goals, we are driving a wide range of initiatives in collaboration with stakeholders.

The Target Relating to Responding to Climate Change

by 2040

Reduce our CO2 emissions in Scope 1, 2, and 3 to Net Zero* (compared with 2019)
*Following the SBTi Net Zero definition (i.e. at least 90% CO2 emissions reductions and maximum 10% carbon removals)








Achievement Rate for Scope 1 and 2 (compared with 2019)

Utilizing the Power of Nature to Create Products

Using Renewable Energy

In order to accelerate initiatives aimed at achieving Asahi Carbon Zero, the Asahi Group is promoting the introduction and use of renewable energy.
By 2025, the Group aims to switch to renewable energy for the purchased electricity at all of its production sites in Japan as well as converting 62 of its 70 production plants (as of March 2022), including those overseas, which is approximately 90% of the total, to renewable energy.

3R+InnovationSustainable Packaging

At Asahi Group, Packaging plays a crucial role in delivering quality products to customers - protecting contents, providing durability for ease of transportation and communicating information. At the same time, reducing environmental impact caused by packaging is a critical issue to address to realize circular economy. Given its high environmental impact, we believe working on plastic is particularly important.
Based on our group goal “3R+Innovation”, we are working to make our packaging sustainable through reducing plastic weight, expanding use of recycled materials, and selling unlabeled products.

The Target Relating to Sustainable Packaging

by 2030

Achieve a 100% conversion to eco-friendly materials* for PET bottles by 2030

Eco-friendly materials: Recycled materials, biomass materials, etc.






Achievement rate

Making Products Beneficial for Both the Environment and Users

Selling Unlabeled Products

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. has been expanding sales of unlabeled products which have reduced the amount of plastic used for labels by eliminating labels from PET bottles. It also reduces the effort necessary to peel off labels for sorting when disposing of bottles, creating effortlessly eco-friendly products that increase convenience for customers while also taking account of environmental considerations.

RE:CONNECTIONRealize Sustainable Communities through the Creation of People-to-People Connections

The Asahi Group has enjoyed the support of local communities over its long history. The weakening of connections in these local communities is now giving rise to a variety of social issues.
We want to enable people, people and communities, and communities and other communities to feel more connected to each other all the time. The Asahi Group is taking on the challenge of solving local issues around the world with the aim of realizing sustainable communities.

Using Yeast that Has Made Delicious Beer to Grow High-Quality Agricultural Produce

Supporting Agriculture with Brewing Yeast Cell Walls

The cell walls of brewing yeast contain active ingredients that encourage plant growth. An agricultural material (fertilizer raw material) derived from brewing yeast cell walls produced with an Asahi Group proprietary processing method, is producing results at farms all over the country. Those results include increasing harvest yields and reducing the use of agrochemicals.

Responsible Drinking AmbassadorReduction in Inappropriate Drinking
Solution of Alcohol-Related Issues through Creation of New Drinking Opportunities

The Asahi Group is working globally to prevent inappropriate drinking habits and to raise awareness of appropriate drinking, aiming to realize a society in which alcohol-related issues are reduced. In addition, we are striving to realize a society that embraces diversity by offering a variety of products and drinking options.

The Target Relating to Solution of Alcohol-Related Issues through Creation of New Drinking Opportunities

by 2025

Achieve a 15% sales composition ratio of non-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages to major alcohol beverage products* by 2025

Beer-type beverages, RTD, non-alcohol beverages






Sales composition ratio of non-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages to major alcohol beverage products*

Beer-type beverages, RTD, non-alcohol beverages

Working Globally to Raise Awareness and Promote “Responsible Drinking”

Aiming to Reduct Inappropriate Drinking

“Responsible Drinking Ambassador” is the global slogan we established in 2020 in order to promote “Responsible Drinking,” which is one of the Asahi Group's material issues. As an ambassador for reducting inappropriate drinking as well as raising awareness and promoting the sound development of the alcohol beverage culture, each and every Asahi Group employee aims to practice responsible drinking based on the Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles established in 2019.



Integrated Report

We publish Integrated Reports as a tool that combines financial and non-financial information to describe the processes and strategies for sustainable creation of corporate value.

Sustainability Report

We publish the Sustainability Report as a tool to provide comprehensive coverage of our performance results, activities and measures in relation to sustainability, which take as their foundations our governance, risk management, strategies, metrics and targets.