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Responsible Drinking

Working Globally to Raise Awareness and Promote “Responsible Drinking”Aiming to Reduct Inappropriate Drinking

“Responsible Drinking Ambassador” is the global slogan we established in 2020 in order to promote “Responsible Drinking,” which is one of the Asahi Group's material issues. As an ambassador for reducting inappropriate drinking as well as raising awareness and promoting the sound development of the alcohol beverage culture, each and every Asahi Group employee aims to practice responsible drinking based on the Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles established in 2019.

Cooperating with IARD and Other Companies in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry and Companies in Other Industries

The Asahi Group is a member of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), an international non-profit organization for promoting “Responsible Drinking” on a global scale, and works in cooperation with the major global alcoholic beverage manufacturers to promote the reduction of inappropriate drinking.
The Asahi Group has endorsed “Actions to accelerate reductions in underage drinking” published by the IARD in January 2020, and is promoting initiatives aimed at reducing underage drinking, which is a global issue, in cooperation with the IARD and its member companies.

Actions to Accelerate Reductions in Underage Drinking

  1. By 2024, we will introduce a legal age-restriction symbol or equivalent words on all of our alcohol brand products (including on alcohol-free extensions of alcohol brands).
  2. We do not, and will not, market alcohol-free extensions of alcohol brands to minors.
  3. We will implement online safeguards to prevent minors from seeing or interacting with our alcohol brands online.
  4. We will invite retailers, wholesalers, and distributors to work with us to determine how to implement best-practice initiatives globally relating to age verification.
  5. We will invite online retailers and delivery services to join us in developing global standards for the online sale of alcohol.

Moreover, IARD has recently been promoting efforts to reduct inappropriate drinking society at large, going beyond the boundaries of the alcoholic beverage industry. One example is working with digital platforms to create mechanisms that prevent underage people from coming into contact with alcohol advertising. Efforts have also been made in cooperation with e-commerce and delivery business platforms to create and promote new global standards that will prevent the delivery of alcohol to underage people and intoxicated people.

In addition to the IARD, the Asahi Group collaborates and cooperates with The Brewers of Europe, DrinkWise and Retail Drinks Australia in Australia, the Brewers Association of Japan, and other organizations on a variety of initiatives such as promoting appropriate drinking.

Encouraging Appropriate Drinking Among Consumers and Society with Educational and Awareness-Raising Efforts

Each Group company develops efforts aimed at society at large and consumers in line with the legal system, culture, and customs in each country and region to realize appropriate drinking.
One example is the “9 months 0 per mille” campaign implemented in Slovakia by Plazensky Prasdroj Slovensko, a.s. This campaign raises awareness of fetal alcohol syndrome, in which a mother's habitual drinking during pregnancy affects the fetus, and also informs professionals and the public that there is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy. The message that alcohol is not suitable for pregnant women is displayed on product packaging, and an annual social media and other campaigns are conducted on September 9, International Day of Awareness for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Third Party Monitoring, Formulating Voluntary Standards, and Presenting Research

In addition, the Asahi Group conducts marketing activities based on third party monitoring in Japan and European countries. In order to promote appropriate drinking and eliminate harmful drinking, the Group formulates policies and voluntary standards in line with the legal system, culture, and customs of the respective region and country and develops responsible marketing activities globally. The Asahi Group conducts research to clarify alcohol metabolism and its physiological effects, actively presents research results outside the company, and raises awareness about appropriate drinking among customers.

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