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Responsible Drinking

Discussing Responsible Drinking with Future-generation Leaders from Around the WorldParticipation in One Young World 2022

During the One Young World Manchester Summit 2022 in England, the Asahi Group communicated the importance of responsible drinking and declared its firm commitment to widespread realization of this philosophy.

The One Young World Summit is an international event that brings together future-generation leaders from more than 190 nations and regions who have a strong interest in politics, economics, humanitarian support activities and other such fields. The Asahi Group provided support for activities related to the event, and also sent 31 employees along with 3 university students selected through a public call for applicants to attend the 2022 Summit.

During the four-day event period, participants engaged in discussions with environmental activists, political and economic experts, and leaders of companies striving to fulfill the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while also engaging in global network-building efforts with leaders from their same generation.

On the main stage, Asahi Group President and CEO Atsushi Katsuki gave the keynote address to kick off the summit. He delivered a stirring message to leaders of the coming generations, stating, "Let's work together to build a society in which everyone drinks responsibly and nobody engages in harmful drinking."

At an event booth, the Asahi Group hosted a workshop in which participants explored the true causes behind the social problem known as inappropriate drinking while also brainstorming solutions. The Group also launched as a special website for the event where people could submit ideas and opinions on responsible drinking. Ideas submitted via the workshop and the website will be put to use by the Group in concrete measures aimed at realizing responsible drinking throughout society.

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