Throughout the long history of humanity, alcoholic beverages have played a major role in bringing joy and enrichment to daily life, as well as in celebrations and other milestones in life. We are very proud to be involved in the manufacture and sale of such beverages. On the other hand, we are well aware that inappropriate drinking habits can lead to a range of issues for individuals, their families, and society at large.
As a corporate group involved in alcoholic beverages, the Asahi Group promotes initiatives aimed at appropriate drinking and contributes to the development of the alcoholic beverage culture.

Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles

Reduction in Inappropriate Drinking
Solution of Alcohol-Related Issues through Creation of New Drinking Opportunities

Responsible Drinking Ambassador

The Asahi Group is working globally to prevent inappropriate drinking habits and to raise awareness of appropriate drinking, aiming to realize a society in which alcohol-related issues are reduced. In addition, we are striving to realize a society that embraces diversity by offering a variety of products and drinking options.

The Global Slogan “Responsible Drinking Ambassador”

To achieve the Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles, the Asahi Group created the global slogan “Responsible Drinking Ambassador” in 2020.
It was created to be shared among employees of the Asahi Group as a slogan that reminds them of their mission as employees at a glance. The slogan includes the word “ambassador” to communicate the idea that the first step toward achieving the Group's Responsible Drinking Principles is each individual employee taking responsibility for their drinking behavior and acting in pursuit of the Principles.
To instill in each employee the awareness and knowledge that they must be an “ambassador,” we have begun efforts including the expansion of e-learning about responsible drinking for not only operating companies dealing in alcohol beverages, but other group companies in Japan as well.

KPI Relating to Solution of Alcohol-Related Issues through Creation of New Drinking Opportunities

by 2025

Achieve 15% low-alcohol and non-alcohol sales composition ratio by 2025



2021 achievement rate

Activities Report on Solving Alcohol-Related Issues by Reducing Inappropriate Drinking and Creating New Drinking Opportunities

Working Globally to Raise Awareness and Promote “Responsible Drinking”

Aiming to Reduct Inappropriate Drinking

“Responsible Drinking Ambassador” is the global slogan we established in 2020 in order to promote “Responsible Drinking,” which is one of the Asahi Group's material issues. As an ambassador for reducting inappropriate drinking as well as raising awareness and promoting the sound development of the alcohol beverage culture, each and every Asahi Group employee aims to practice responsible drinking based on the Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles established in 2019.

Increasing Choice and Aiming for a Society that Embraces “Diversity in Drinking”

Expanding Non- and Low Alcohol Products

Under its global slogan “Responsible Drinking Ambassador,” the Asahi Group is implementing a variety of initiatives to raise awareness of appropriate drinking among people around the world.
One such initiative is the development and sale of non- and low-alcohol products, as well as awareness raising activities through the media and events, with the aim of realizing a society in which both people who drink alcohol and those who do not can respect each other and enjoy their drinks wisely according to their situation, physical health, mood, and other factors at the time.

List of initiatives


Secure Food Safety & Reliability

The Asahi Group works throughout the entire process from product planning and development, raw material procurement, to production, logistics, sales, and communication with customers to ensure safety and security with the aim of providing products and services exceeding the expectations of customers.

Data Book

We publish the Sustainability Data Book as a tool to provide comprehensive non-financial information on the Asahi Group's sustainability, including policies, systems, data, and initiatives.