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  • Zero Hunger
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Partnerships for the Goals

There has been an acceleration in economic development and the trend of mobilization among populations, leading to an unbalance in the distribution of populations, including the heavy concentration of people in urban areas and depopulation in rural areas around the world.
As a result, regional connections and connections between people with a shared sense of values have weakened. Through our connections with stakeholders (co-creation activities) and participation of employees in community support activities, the Asahi Group aims to review weakened connections and create new connections.

  • Communities
    • Realize Sustainable Communities
      through the Creation of People-to-People Connections

Asahi Carbon Zero Realize Sustainable Communities
through the Creation of People-to-People Connections

The Asahi Group has been supported by various communities through business activities such as procurement, production, and sales. We believe it is important to reevaluate and further develop these connections, which is why we established “RE:CONNECTION” as the slogan of our activities toward the material issue of Communities and are promoting initiatives regarding this subject.
Because the Asahi Group uses farm produce, the “nature's gifts,” to create its products and services, it has close relationships with the agricultural industry.
The agricultural industry has played an important role in creating jobs and passing on specialties and traditions in the community, and the Asahi Group aims to contribute to the community through sustainable agricultural industry initiatives, and to strengthen the connection with the community through the participation of employees in community support activities themselves.

Activities Report on Realizing Sustainable Communities
through the Creation of People-to-People Connections

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    We publish Integrated Reports as a tool that combines financial and non-financial information to describe the processes and strategies for sustainable creation of corporate value.

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  • Sustainability Report

    We publish the Sustainability Report as a tool to provide comprehensive coverage of our performance results, activities and measures in relation to sustainability, which take as their foundations our governance, risk management, strategies, metrics and targets.

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