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Editorial Policy for Sustainability Website

About this Website

The purpose of this website is to inform more stakeholders about the sustainability activities of the Asahi Group. As well as posting information on the Asahi Group's sustainability, including policies, figures, and case studies, we also consider the timeliness of information and strive to reflect the most up-to-date content in our disclosures.
More detailed and comprehensive information is compiled and posted in the form of the Sustainability Report.

Scope of Report

We dedicate a section of the activity reports focusing on the Asahi Group to report on the activities of individual Group companies beginning with Asahi Breweries,Ltd.

Subject Areas

We report on the policies, plans and objectives, initiatives and the state of progress for both the social and environmental aspect of business activities.
* Corporate Governance information is reported in the Corporate Governance of the Company section. Financial information is reported in the Investors section.

Period Covered

This report primarily covers activities conducted in fiscal 2022 (January 1 2022 - December 31, 2022), but also includes some information on activities carried out before fiscal 2019, as well as updates on recent activities.

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This website contains not only past and present facts about Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. and all Asahi Group companies, but also future forecasts based on our plans and prospects, and our management policy and management strategy in effect at the time of publication. Due to a range of variables, however, the results or circumstances of our future business activities may vary from the forecasts contained herein. We ask for your understanding in this regard.