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Aiming for Carbon Neutrality at BreweriesUsing Green Heat

Koninklijke Grolsch N.V (“Grolsch”) in the Netherlands concluded a contract with Twence Holding B.V., which supplies electricity, heat, and steam from biomass power, for the supply of thermal energy produced during generation, and began using green heat in 2022.
As a result, it expects to be able to reduce use of natural gas by 3 million m³ and CO2 emissions generated by the use of natural gas by 72% a year. The thermal energy supplied will be used for heating heat pasteurization equipment, bottle and plastic case washers, and heating buildings.
Grolsch has set a target to achieve 100% carbon neutrality at its breweries by switching all energy used to sustainably produced energy by 2025, and has been taking active steps for some time to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Since 2020, it has already switched to electricity derived from renewable energy for 100% of purchased electricity, achieving a 6,700 ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

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