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Making Products Beneficial for Both the Environment and UsersSelling Unlabeled Products

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. has been expanding sales of unlabeled products which have reduced the amount of plastic used for labels by eliminating labels from PET bottles. It also reduces the effort necessary to peel off labels for sorting when disposing of bottles, creating effortlessly eco-friendly products that increase convenience for customers while also taking account of environmental considerations.
In 2018, Asahi Soft Drink launched sales of Asahi OISHII MIZU Unlabeled PET Bottle natural mineral water sold by the box only. In 2019, the company added three more products, including Asahi JUROKUCHA. It has now expanded the unlabeled bottles to 7 product categories, and sold over 4.6 million boxes of the products in 2021. In addition, with the revision to the system for labelling containers for identification, the company has been able to shift some products to be completely unlabeled by printing recycling symbols directly onto PET bottles instead of using tack sticker labels.
The unlabeled products have also been recognized for their contribution to the ocean plastic problem, and were exhibited at the G20 Osaka Summit in 2019 as part of the Japanese government's publicity exhibition.
In 2021, the 585 ml PET bottle of Asahi OISHII MIZU with a simple eco-label went on sale on a trial basis, available at stores and in some vending machines in limited areas of East Japan as an unlabeled bottled product that can be sold individually. A small tack sticker (simple eco-label) indicating the necessary information is affixed to one side of the bottle, instead of a roll label which was previously used for Asahi OISHII MIZU. This has reduced the CO2 emissions from labels by approximately 58%. The 630 ml PET bottle of Asahi JUROKUCHA also went on sale on a trial basis in 2021. It is a completely unlabeled product using laser marking technology in a first for the domestic food industry.

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