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Shifting from Disposable to “Repeated Reuse” to “Use and Eat”Reducing Plastic Usage

Plastic containers that are casually discarded cause great damage not only to marine life but also to entire ecosystems. Plastic used for containers and packaging in particular is often discarded. We believe that helping to solve this issue which is faced by the entire planet is a mission the Asahi Group, which sells food and beverages, must fulfill.

Changing “Disposable” Consumer Behavior to Help Reduce CO2 Emissions and Plastic Waste

In Japan, approximately 11 billion disposable plastic cups are used each year. More than 60% of them are used at venues for music, sports and other events. It is necessary to change consumer behavior in order to reduce this use of disposable containers. Asahi Breweries, Ltd. began collaborating with Panasonic Corporation in 2018 to develop an attractive reusable cup that consumers would not only find environmentally-friendly but also want to use repeatedly.
The material used is Panasonic Corporation's molded high-density cellulose fiber primarily made from refined pulp from timber extracted during forest thinning. This material is truly environmentally-friendly with outstanding strength and heat resistance, as well as providing a high level of flexibility for molding. Asahi Breweries, Ltd., with its insight into containers, was in charge of designing the tumbler and achieved a smooth feel in the mouth similar to a thin-walled glass tumbler.
In 2019, the finished "Tumbler in the Forest" went on sale on a trial basis at sporting events, which resulted in a significant reduction in plastic waste at all venues. In questionnaires, over 90% of customers said they were satisfied with the “Tumbler in the Forest.” By 2020 to 2021, when it was difficult to sell the tumbler at event venues due to the impact of COVID-19, sales were strong, including about 55,000 sold, and interest increased further. Asahi Breweries, Ltd. is also now selling a “Tumbler in the Forest” in partnership with local communities, and other “Tumbler in the Forest” products.
Going forward, the Asahi Group will not only promote consideration for the environment and increase usage of plant-based raw materials, but will also expand the use of timber extracted from forest thinning in the local communities with which it collaborates.

Developing an Edible Cup Eaten After Use to Eliminate Waste

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. has also been working on the development of an edible cup that is eaten after use, eliminating waste.
In 2019, the company started a joint development project with Marushige Seika Co., Ltd., which sold edible plates. Heating and solidifying the raw material potato starch at high temperature and high pressure allows the thickness of edible containers to be reduced, while at the same time making them easy to eat and resistant to water. In 2021, the “Mogu-cup” was created. It achieved the first fiscal year sales target of 10,000 cups in two months.
In 2022, the Asahi Group also established ASAHI YOU.US, LTD., a new operating company specializing in sustainability that will help solve local social issues. In addition to selling sustainable products such as “Tumbler in the Forest” and “Mogu-cup,” the new company aims to develop a sustainable network flexibly and quickly to help reduce food loss, create diverse work styles for people with disabilities, and revitalize local communities through the manufacture and sale of sustainable drinks and other products that contribute to local SDGs.



Tumbler in the Forest

Tumbler in the Forest

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