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Returning the Same Amount of Water Used in Producing Beer to the EarthRealizing Water Neutrality

The Asahi Group has successfully achieved water neutrality, where an amount of water equal to the water used in our breweries in Japan is offset by the groundwater recharge amount*1 in the Group-owned forest “Asahi Forest” (Hiroshima Prefecture).
All mountains in Asahi Forest are designated as headwaters conservation forest under the Forest Act, and the groundwater recharge amount in the forest was verified in 2019 based on expert opinion. Thereafter, the managed forestland size was expanded, enabling the Group to achieve a groundwater recharge amount of 11.01 million m³ annually from FY 2021 onward.
In fiscal 2021, our eight breweries in Japan used approximately 9.63 million m³ of water, meaning that more than 100% of water used in the breweries is being returned to the earth via Asahi Forest. Refusing to stop with this achievement alone, the Asahi Group will continue pursuing improved water-usage efficiency at breweries while maintaining the groundwater recharging capacity of Asahi Forest, all in an effort to ensure sustainable water resources for the future.

*1 Groundwater recharge amount: The Asahi Group has redefined the groundwater recharge amount as “the amount of water that can be consistently supplied as groundwater and can be used by local people, animals, and plants” by taking into consideration the multifaceted functions of the forest.


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