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Recycling Water and Reducing Water UsagePreserving Sustainable Water Resources

The water recycling facility at Carlton & United Breweries Pty. Ltd. (CUB)'s Yatala Brewery in Australia produces high-quality recycled water during the brewing process.
In the past, wastewater at the Yatala Brewery was pre-treated in an anaerobic plant and discharged to the sewer, but the need arose to reduce wastewater as its volume increased in proportion to expanding production. To address this issue, CUB constructed a water recycling facility within Yatala Brewery that can generate 100 cubic meters of recycled water per hour. The facility uses a bioreactor to remove organic matter and filters to remove solids along with microfiltration, reverse osmosis, disinfection, and other methods to treat wastewater and produce recycled water.
This recycled water is used in various settings within the manufacturing process (excluding any processes that come into contact with the product), such as cleaning steam generators and production tanks, as well as creating steam used for heat sterilization. In this way, the company is working to reduce the amount of valuable water resources that it consumes.
In addition, by reviewing its manufacturing processes, CUB is taking steps to reduce the total volume of water used.
For example, reducing the amount of water used for cleaning within the changeover process to manufacture products, as well as optimizing the washing cycle for production lines and plumbing.
Through these efforts, Yatala Brewery has realized a high level of water use efficiency, using on average only 2 cubic meters of water to manufacture 1 kiloliter of product. This makes it one of the world's most water-efficient breweries.

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