Health is a source of well-being for all people, regardless of their country, region, gender, and age. While more and more people are trying to eat a well-balanced diet and exercise daily amid rising awareness about health, many health-related problems such as obesity and lifestyle-related diseases have arisen.
As a company engaged in business that is deeply involved in food and health, including food products and alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, the Asahi Group contributes to people's mental and physical health.

Create Value of Health

The Asahi Group possesses a great deal of know-how cultivated through its business activities over many years, including centuries of proprietary beer brewing technology and over 100 years of research on lactic acid bacteria. In recent years, we have been developing and selling products that aim to solve the various health issues faced by people today, leveraging this know-how.
Moreover, as a company involved in food, we engage in social activities which contribute to the health of all generations from children to the elderly.

Activities Report on Create Value of Health

Delivering the Value of Health to People Worldwide through Products

Developing and Selling Products that Offer Solutions to Health-Related Problems

Leveraging the strengths and know-how accumulated in its business operations, the Asahi Group is committed to offering solutions to health-related problems through its products.

Supporting Health at All Ages

Contributions to the Health of Stakeholders

As a company involved in food, the Asahi Group conducts a diverse array of health-conscious activities for all its stakeholders.

List of initiatives


Secure Food Safety & Reliability

The Asahi Group works throughout the entire process from product planning and development, raw material procurement, to production, logistics, sales, and communication with customers to ensure safety and security with the aim of providing products and services exceeding the expectations of customers.

Data Book

We publish the Sustainability Data Book as a tool to provide comprehensive non-financial information on the Asahi Group's sustainability, including policies, systems, data, and initiatives.