Corporate Statement

Make the world shine

We bring people together to make the world shine brighter

In Japanese, Asahi means ‘morning sun’.
We believe that each new day shines a little brighter when we bring people together. We bring our customers together to connect, talk, laugh, share and have fun.
We bring our colleagues, partners and communities together to build a sustainable future. And, together, we share in nature’s gifts to deliver on a great taste promise that brings people closer to enjoy the moments that matter.
Leaving a legacy of a brighter world tomorrow.

Material Issues

These actions will allow us to discuss how to resolve our issues and collaborate on solutions that will sustain our society and business, particularly in the areas of Environment, Communities, Responsible Drinking, Health, and Human Rights.

Key Initiatives

As a group, we will set key initiatives on which to focus our management resources and work on those initiatives across the entire value chain, while aspiring to make a positive impact for business and society with our products and services.


Asahi Carbon Zero Respond to Climate Change

Climate change, driven by global warming, is increasing extreme weather events such as droughts and floods, profoundly affecting people’s lives and various ecosystems around the world. The climate change poses a significant business risk that the Asahi Group cannot afford to overlook. Furthermore, a critical situation is emerging around the world that has been described as a ’global boiling‘ and requires an immediate response. The Asahi Group recognizes this issue as an unavoidable business risk and emphasizes the urgency of reducing CO2 emissions from our business operations and proactively addressing the challenges of climate change.
In an effort to address these issues, the Asahi Group has formulated “Asahi Carbon Zero” with the goal of achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2040. Moreover, we have newly established our "Beyond Carbon Neutral" goals, targeting reduction of CO2 emissions not only within our value chains but also beyond our value chains for a low carbon society. To achieve these goals, we are driving a wide range of initiatives in collaboration with stakeholders.

  • The Target Relating to Responding to Climate Change

    Reduce our CO2 emissions in Scope 1, 2, and 3 to Net Zero* (compared with 2019)

    *Following the SBTi Net Zero definition (i.e. at least 90% CO2 emissions reductions and maximum 10% carbon removals)

  • Achievement

    Achievement Rate for Scope 1 and 2 (compared with 2019)

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3R+Innovation Sustainable Packaging

At Asahi Group, packaging plays a crucial role in delivering quality products to customers - protecting contents, providing durability for ease of transportation and communicating information. At the same time, reducing environmental impact caused by packaging is a critical issue to realize circular economy. Given its high environmental impact, we believe working on plastic is particularly important.
Within the field of packaging described in the Asahi Group Environmental Vision 2050, the Asahi Group describes a society free of packaging waste as what we would like the world to be like in 2050. In particular, we aim to achieve a world in which marine biodiversity is preserved by minimizing the use of resources to make packaging and helping to build a recycling-oriented society by reusing old packaging.
For plastic packaging, toward our group goal “3R+Innovation”, we are taking actions to shift to containers and packaging with lower environmental impact through reducing plastic weight, expanding use of recycled materials, and selling label-free products.

  • The Target Relating to Sustainable Packaging

    A 100% conversion to recycled materials, bio-based materials, etc. for PET bottles

  • Achievement

    Achievement rate

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RE:CONNECTION Realize Sustainable Communities through the Creation of People-to-People Connections

The Asahi Group has enjoyed the support of local communities over its long history. The weakening of connections in these local communities is now giving rise to a variety of social issues. We want to enable people, people and communities, and communities and other communities to feel more connected to each other all the time. The Asahi Group is taking on the challenge of solving local issues around the world with the aim of realizing sustainable communities.

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Responsible Drinking

Responsible Drinking Ambassador Responsible Drinking Ambassador Reduction in Inappropriate Drinking
Solution of Alcohol-Related Issues through Creation of New Drinking Opportunities

The Asahi Group is working globally to prevent inappropriate drinking habits and to raise awareness of appropriate drinking, aiming to realize a society in which alcohol-related issues are reduced. In addition, we are striving to realize a society that embraces diversity by offering a variety of products and drinking options.

  • The Target Relating to Solution of Alcohol-Related Issues through Creation of New Drinking Opportunities

    Achieve a 20% sales composition ratio of non-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages*1 to major alcohol beverage products*2 by 2030

    *1 Non-alcohol beverages are defined in accordance with the laws and regulations in each country. Low-alcohol beverages have an alcohol content of no more than 3.5%
    *2 Beer-type beverages, RTD, non-alcohol beverages

  • Achievement

    Sales composition ratio of non-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages to major alcohol beverage products*

    *Beer-type beverages, RTD, non-alcohol beverages

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In addition to key Initiatives, we are also engaged in a wide range of initiatives on a wide range of themes.

  • Sustainable Agricultural Raw Materials

    It goes without saying that agricultural products are essential for humanity. At the same time, environmental risks such as those stemming from climate change may greatly affect the yields or quality of agricultural raw materials. It is vital to give consideration to ecosystems, the environments of agricultural production areas, and the human rights of local communities.
    The Asahi Group will build, for future generations, a mechanism to secure its agricultural raw materials without allowing them to be depleted. In this way, the Asahi Group pursues the sustainable procurement of raw materials to ensure that it is possible to preserve the valuable blessings of nature for future generations.

  • Sustainable Water Resources

    Today, population growth, economic growth, and drought due to climate change are causing water shortages on a global scale every year. Issues surrounding water resources are a common global social issue.
    Water is an indispensable resource for the Asahi Group, which uses water as a raw material and also in manufacturing processes at its factories. To ensure that we can continue to make use of this precious resource for years to come, we are working to reduce water use, and to identify, respond to and mitigate water risks at our manufacturing sites. Furthermore, we are undertaking a wide range of measures in pursuit of our "Healthy Watersheds for People and Nature" goal.

  • Create Value of Health

    The Asahi Group possesses a great deal of know-how cultivated through its business activities over many years, including centuries of proprietary beer brewing technology and over 100 years of research on lactic acid bacteria. In recent years, we have been developing and selling products that aim to solve the various health issues faced by people today, leveraging this know-how. Moreover, as a company involved in food, we engage in social activities which contribute to the health of all generations from children to the elderly.

  • Respect for Human Rights

    Companies have a responsibility to respect the human rights of all stakeholders.
    The Asahi Group Human Rights Principles clearly state our approach to human rights. As the foundation for all business activities, the Asahi Group is carrying out human rights due diligence to ensure that our business activities do not violate the human rights of people affected by our business activities or those of our employees.

Sustainability Library

  • Integrated Report

    We publish Integrated Reports as a tool that combines financial and non-financial information to describe the processes and strategies for sustainable creation of corporate value.

    View Integrated Report [PDF]
  • Sustainability Report

    We publish the Sustainability Report as a tool to provide comprehensive coverage of our performance results, activities and measures in relation to sustainability, which take as their foundations our governance, risk management, strategies, metrics and targets.

    View Sustainability Report [PDF]

Other Sustainability Information