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Sustainability at the Asahi Group

In order to put the Asahi Group Philosophy (AGP) into practice, the Asahi Group has formulated a Medium- to Long-Term Management Policy in 2022, based on backcasting from megatrends. In the Medium- to-Long-Term Management Policy, the concept of our Long-Term Strategy is to “contribute to a sustainable society and respond to changing conceptions of wellbeing through delivering great taste and fun.” One of our core strategies is to integrate sustainability into management, aiming to achieve sustainable growth and build value together with our stakeholders.

In the sustainability strategy, the Asahi Group promotes initiatives, based on the Asahi Group Sustainability Principles as its keyway of thinking, with a view of achieving the realization of AGP. We have also clearly outlined vision for the Group to aim towards the promotion of sustainability, in the form of the Asahi Group Sustainability Vision.

Asahi Group Sustainability Principles

  1. The Asahi Group is striving to realize the tastiness of products and services that exceed consumer expectations, using the blessings of nature. We preserve finite nature to hand down the important blessings of nature to future generations.
  2. The Asahi Group is striving to bring more fun to life through its products and services. We build a sustainable society to allow a better life to be inherited.

Asahi Group Sustainability Vision

Based on the Sustainability Principles, we will strive to create values toward a better future in all regions where we operate by incorporating “Environment,” “People,” “Communities,” “Health,” and “Responsible drinking” into our corporate strategy.
Through these initiatives, we will continue to take on challenges and innovation to contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability Strategy

In order to achieve the integration of sustainability into management, the Asahi Group has established "Cheer the Future", our promise to the future, and "Sustainability Stories". Our "Sustainability Stories" shows why, how, and what we are doing to address sustainability, and it represents our commitment to "Cheer the Future.” Based on this concept, the entire Group will work together to promote sustainability and improve engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

Further, in addition to establishing objectives as our approach to putting this into practice, we have reorganized our previous initiatives and determined key initiatives on which to focus management resources.

Our promise to the Future

Cheer the Future

With “Cheer the Future”, our promise to the future, as the center, the Asahi Group's sustainability strategy is structured like a windmill. The blue circle in the center represents the integration cycle of sustainability into management to contribute to a sustainable society through business. The four outer blades indicate specific actions we need to take. This windmill is spun by both of the power of nature's blessings and our own actions.

Sustainability Stories

Create lasting brand value

For over 100 years, we have worked with the blessings and the power of nature to deliver on our great taste promise to consumers around the world. We are proud that our products have helped encourage people-to-people connections, create communities, and bring more fun to life for everyone - a heritage we aim to continue well into the future.

Adapt to the future

We accept our special responsibility to manage the potentially harmful effects our business may have on the environment and society at large. Going forward, we are committed to achieving sustainable growth while pursuing sustainability as essential synonymous with pursuing business itself.

Actively embrace change

Envisioning a better future, we aim to build sustainable ecosystem and circular economy through decarbonization and the effective use of water resources, connect people to their wonderful communities, and create measures and drinking opportunities to reduce the harmful use of alcohol, sharing ideas and technologies with stakeholders toward realization.

Our promise to the future

We will continue to deliver on our great taste promise and bring more fun to life for everyone by building value together with nature, community, and society at large for making the one and only future shine. With our concept “Cheer the Future,” we aim to take action toward a better world for all.


Realizing sustainability
across the value chain.

As a group, we aim to manage risk and create opportunities while aspiring to make a positive impact for business and society with our products and services.

Material Issues

Responsible Drinking

Engagement and collaboration with stakeholders

The Asahi Group is striving to increase its engagement with stakeholders through appropriate information disclosure and communication. As well as obtaining the stakeholders' understanding of the Asahi Group's initiatives, we will put their feedback to use in those initiatives. We will also promote collaborations with like-minded partners with the aim of increasing the scale and speed of our initiatives.

Deep cultivation of engagement

Appropriate information disclosure and communication

The Asahi Group conducts a variety of information disclosure and communication to increase engagement with our stakeholders.

Stakeholder dialogue

The Asahi Group holds regular dialogues between external experts and senior company executives to put the opinions received from various stakeholders to use in the enhancement of corporate value.

Collaboration with like-minded partners (co-creation)

Shifting from Disposable to “Repeated Reuse” to “Use and Eat

Reducing Plastic Usage

Plastic containers that are casually discarded cause great damage not only to marine life but also to entire ecosystems. Plastic used for containers and packaging in particular is often discarded. We believe that helping to solve this issue which is faced by the entire planet is a mission the Asahi Group, which sells food and beverages, must fulfill.

Recycling a Responsibility for Companies Using a Lot of Plastic

Taking Initiatives to Increase Use of Recycled PET Bottles

The Asahi Group is promoting the use of eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials, as part of 3R + Innovation, the Group-wide goal for the problem of plastic. In particular, the Soft Drinks Business in Australia and Japan uses a lot of plastic containers and has expanded the introduction of recycled PET bottles.