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  4. 27 Apr. 2022

Updating of Sustainability Website

27 Apr. 2022

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

We are pleased to advise that we have revamped the Sustainability section of our corporate website. The purpose of the Sustainability section is to inform our stakeholders broadly and in depth about the sustainability initiatives of the Asahi Group.

In the revamp, which includes a major review of the content, design, and layouts of the pages, we focused on the aspects of story and message, so we can communicate the Asahi Group's sustainability-related initiatives to investors and other stakeholders in ways that are easier to understand.
Non-financial information encompassing both social and environmental aspects, which were previously disclosed in the Sustainability section, have now been compiled into a Sustainability Data Book.

We will strive to communicate the Asahi Group's sustainability activities to stakeholders in accessible ways and actively disclose information.

* Governance information is reported in the Corporate Governance of the Company section. Financial information is reported in the Shareholders and Investors of the Investors section.

Updating of Sustainability Website