Asahi Group’s History

Long history of corporate culture that cultivates innovation

The Asahi Group has been setting itself new challenges ever since day one. The first such challenge was to develop an authentic Japanese beer. This was followed by the launch of Japan’s first canned beer and the expansion of the Group’s soft drinks brands. Even after the launch of Asahi Super Dry, which drastically boosted the Company’s market share, the Asahi Group continued to strive, working on various innovations throughout the entire value chain process ranging from R&D to sales. Furthermore, as the domestic beer market matured during the latter half of the 1990s, the Company broadened its business portfolio through the promotion of M&As including overseas business expansion. Based on the Asahi Group’s long fostered corporate culture of taking on the challenge of innovation, the Company will continue to take on new challenges towards the establishment of a new foundation for future growth.

the domestic beer market matured during the latter half of the 1990s, the Company broadened its business portfolio through the promotion of M&As including overseas business expansion. Based on the Asahi Group’s long fostered corporate culture of taking on the challenge of innovation, the Company will continue to take on new challenges towards the establishment of a new foundation for future growth.

Establishment and the birth of Asahi Beer


Osaka Beer Brewing Company established by Komakichi Torii, with the goal of producing an authentic Japanese beer.

Osaka Beer brings latest brewing technology from major beer producer in Germany and seeks to develop its own technicians, with the goal of brewing an authentic and distinct Japanese beer to suit Japanese tastes.


Suita-Mura Brewery completed


Asahi Beer launched

"Asahi" (rising sun) was named with the pride of a beer from the land of the rising sun, symbolizing promise and growth as the morning sun rises.

Asahi Beer is an instant bestseller, with demand outstripping supply.


Nishiki Beer (Bayern-style beer) launched


Asahi Beer wins gold medal at 1900 Paris Expo

Receives numerous accolades and awards in Japan and abroad

Asahi Draft Beer in bottles launched


Dai Nippon Breweries, Co., Ltd. launched through merger of Osaka Breweries, Ltd., Japan Beer Brewery, Ltd. and Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. (President: Kyohei Magoshi)


Mitsuya Brand "HIRANO CHMPANGE CIDER″ launched by the Imperial Mineral Water Co., Ltd.


Citron launched, marking entry into soft drinks market


Ebios, tablets containing nutrients from pure brewer's yeast, launched


Acquisition of Nippon Beer and Mineral Water company, maker of Mitsuya Champagne Cider (now Mitsuya Cider)

From Osaka Beer to Asahi Beer. Further expanding to become a comprehensive beverages brand.


Asahi Breweries, Ltd. established

Asahi Breweries created through the breakup of Dai Nippon Breweries under Japanese post-war economic reforms for decentralization, as part of a push by the occupation government to encourage economic democratization. (President: Tamesaburo Yamamoto)


Established agreements to launch new beverage brands in Japan

Bireley's Orange by General Foods and Wilkinson Tansan by Wilkinson


Acquired stake in Nikka Whisky Distilling Co., Ltd. (President: Masataka Taketsuru)


Asahi Cider launched


Asahi Beer (Asahi Gold) launched Label design: Raymond Loewy


Asahi Gold launched. First canned beer in Japan.

New ideas and innovations for beer containers
(from steiny mini bottles to pull-tab cans and aluminum cans).


Asahi Steiny mini bottled beer launched
(Hokkaido Asahi Breweries established).


Convenient pull tab can launched


Black Nikka launched by Nikka Whisky
(President: Masayoshi Nakajima)


Asahi Beer Honnama launched nationwide


Japan’s first aluminum canned beer
(President: Yoshitaka Takahashi)


(President: Naomatsu Enmei)

Start of Reforms


Bireley's trademark rights acquired


Business partnership with

Asahi Kasei Corporation established


Collaborative business agreement with German brewery Lowenbrau established

Brewing of Lowenbrau beers launched under license

(President: Tsutomu Murai)


Collaborative business agreement with Lindeman of Australia established

(Pripps sports beverage jointly launched with Asahi Kasei)

Wilkinson trademark rights acquired

(Mitsuya Coffee launched)


Corporate Identity launched

Corporate mark redesigned

(Asahi Draft Beer launched, promising full-bodied, crisp taste)

(President: Hirotaro Higuchi)


Asahi Super Dry launched

Japan's first dry draft beer with a crisp and refreshing taste (not bitter or heavy)

Revolutionizes the beer industry in Japan, selling a massive 200,000 cases bottles in the first two weeks alone

(Acquisition of Koshu Winery)

(Expansion into Japanese domestic wine industry)

Collaborative business agreement with Bass Brewing,Ltd. of the UK established for importing and sales

(Active development of new beverages)


Skyrocketing sales of Asahi Super Dry leads to shortages of some products

Sets off "dry beer wars" in Japan


Asahi Beer commemorates 100 years in business

Company name changed to Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

New headquarters (Asahi Azumabashi Building) completed

Adjacent beer hall designed by architect Philippe Stark.

The distinctive Flamme d'Or (Golden Flame) adorning the rooftop symbolizes the burning heart of Asahi Breweries leaping toward a new era.

44 meters long and weighing 360 tons

Asahi Super Dry surpasses 100 million cases sold in just three years


Asahi Beer Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. (now Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.) established

Developing international markets and claiming the top share in the Japanese beer market.


Asahi Beer Food, Ltd. (now Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.) established

Regional beers launched (President: Yuzo Seto)


Sumidagawa Brewing craft brewery established

Expansion into Chinese market

Acquired stake in Chinese breweries; brewing and sales of Asahi brand beers in China launched


Business partnership established with Miller Brewing Company of the US

Import and sales of Miller Special launched

First Tokyo-based craft beer launched


(Company name changed from Asahi Beer Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. to Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.)

Export sales of Asahi Super Dry in the UK launched


Asahi Super Dry launched in 12 European countries


Asahi Beer reclaims top share of Japanese market after 45-year interval


Brewing of Asahi brand beer expanded to five breweries in China

(President: Shigeo Fukuchi)


Expansion into happoshu (low-malt beer) market

Asahi Honnama low-malt beer launched

Asahi Beer claims top share of Japanese beer and low-malt beer markets

Nikka Whisky becomes wholly-owned subsidiary


Further expansion into comprehensive alcohol beverages company, acquired Daigorou, Kanoka and Cocktail Partner shochu brands and Sainte Neige wine brand

Business alliance with Orion Beer Co., Ltd. established

Acquired alcohol beverages business of Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Asahi Kasei Corporation

(President: Kouichi Ikeda)

Expanding into foods to become a comprehensive beverages and food brand under the Asahi Group.


Asahi Food & Healthcare Co., Ltd. established


Beverages company jointly established with Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corporation, the largest Chinese packaged food and beverage company


Acquired stake in Wakodo Co., Ltd, Japan's largest baby food company

(President: Hitoshi Ogita)


Asahi acquired the stock of a leading freeze-dried food company, Amano Jitsugyo Co., Ltd.

Enhancing our international business development to establish a new platform for growth.


Acquired Schweppes Australia, second largest beverages company in Australia


Agreement established to acquire P&N Beverages Australia Pty Ltd.


Changed to pure holding business structure under Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

Acquired stake in a major New Zealand alcohol beverages company, Flavoured Beverages Groups Holdings Limited

Acquired New Zealand beverages company Charlie's Group Limited

Acquired Malaysian beverages company Permanis Sdn Bhd (now as Etika Beverages Sdn Bhd)

(President : Naoki Izumiya)


Asahi Dry Zero beer-taste drink launched

Acquired stake in Mountain H2O Pty Ltd.

Acquired stake in Calpis Co., Ltd.


Established a joint venture with Osotspa Co., Ltd. to manufacture and distribute Calpis brand beverages in Thailand.

Acquired a bottler for the PepsiCo group in Indonesia, PT Pepsi-Cola Indobeverages


Major launch of Asahi Super Dry - Dry Premium beer

Agreement established to acquire stake in Southeast Asia dairy business from Malaysian food company Etika International Holdings Limited


Acquired stake in leading Japanese wine seller Enoteca Co., Ltd.


Soft drinks (refrigerated) businesses consolidated under Asahi Soft Drinks Co. Ltd.

Three food companies, Asahi Food & Healthcare, Wakodo and Amano Foods, consolidated under Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.

Acquired SAB Miller plc's beer business in Europe, including Birra Peroni S.r.l. in Italy, Koninklijke Grolsch N.V. in Netherlands, and Miller Brands (UK) Limited and Meantime Brewing Company Limited in the United Kingdom.

(President : Akiyoshi Koji)


Acquired the Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Hungary businesses as well as intellectual property rights relating to the brands, including Pilsner Urquell of SAB Miller plc.


Asahi Group Philosophy is newly introduced.
Medium-Term Management Policy is revised.
Asahi Group Environmental Vision 2050 is announced.