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Aiming at Further Development of Management for Corporate Value Enhancement

We highly appreciate your continued support and encouragement to the Asahi Group.

In the Long-Term Vision updated in 2016, we set the following future vision: “As a comprehensive beverage and food business group whose core business is alcohol beverages, we aim to be an industry leader in Japan with high added value as a key area of focus and establish a unique position as a global player that leverages strengths originating in Japan.”

Under the Medium-Term Management Policy towards the realization of the Long-Term Vision, we are undertaking further development of management for corporate value enhancement by focusing on three key priorities: 1) Strengthening of earning power, 2) Asset and capital efficiency improvement, and 3) Reinforcement of ESG (environment, social, and governance) initiatives.

In 2017, under the gradual economic recovery in Japan and overseas, we have improved the profitability by focusing on high added value. To achieve this, we have taken the initiatives including enhancing the strong brand equities in the three domestic businesses. Overseas, we have established the new foundation for growth centered on European beer business. Through these efforts, we have strengthened our earning power both at home and abroad. Furthermore, we addressed to review our assets in Japan and overseas speedily and have improved asset and capital efficiency driven by restructuring the business portfolio.

In the external environment, the sense of uncertainty surrounding parts of the global economy heightens. On the other hand, a wide variety of risks and opportunities have expanded, centered on value variation and premiumization in the consumption structure. We have also anticipated the growing interest in ESG initiatives which stakeholders require of companies.

In these circumstances, we will deepen dialogue with stakeholders by positioning the Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Management Policy as an engagement agenda. We will also boost to work on the management reform to achieve the sustained growth and the improvement of medium- to long-term corporate value.

We request your continued guidance and support in the coming years.

March 2018
Chairman and Representative Director
Naoki Izumiya

President and Representative Director, CEO
Akiyoshi Koji