Outside Evaluations/Awards

Inclusion in SRI Indexes

The Asahi Group has been included in several major Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indexes and funds worldwide. SRI is an investment approach that uses valuation criteria for investment decisions based on social perspectives, such as environmental consideration and corporate citizenship, in addition to financial considerations.

Evaluation of IR Activities

The Asahi Group has been highly rated in terms of the timely and appropriate disclosure of information, the easy-to-understand nature of explanatory materials and its proactive approach to Investor Relations (IR), even with regard to individual investors, and this has led to the Group receiving a wide range of awards.

Evaluations for Environmental Conservation Activities

As a result of our environmental conservation activities, the Asahi Group has received various environment-related awards and certifications.

Evaluations for Promotion of Diversity and Employee Health Management

The Asahi Group has spent many years building up a workplace environment where every employee can work energetically and in good health. For the activities, we have received many different awards and certifications.

Evaluations for Promotion of Diversity

Evaluations for Employee Health Management