Information Management System

The Asahi Group has established the Asahi Group Information Management Policies to ensure the systematic implementation of proper management of various confidential information including personal information pertaining to our customers and business partners.

Management Systems

The Asahi Group has positioned the Persons Responsible for Information Management at Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. and Group Companies to ensure the establishment of a system for the fair and reasonable management of information at the Group's respective business units. The General & Legal Affairs Department of Japan Headquarters of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. is responsible for establishing and revising this information management system.

Protection of Personal Information

The Asahi Group has established the Asahi Group Personal Information Protection Policy in light of the importance of the protection of personal information, together with the Regulation on Handling Personal Information for the Asahi Group to specify, in greater detail, the proper handling of personal information. The regulation stipulates the management systems and handling methods to use for personal information, and on employee training and crisis management methods. Each Asahi Group company ensures that the regulation is well-known by all staff and strives to manage personal information in an appropriate manner by referring to the regulation as needed when working with customer information such as through sales campaigns.

In addition, the Detailed Regulation on Handling Personal Information for the Asahi Group (Specific Personal Information) was established, and in accordance with this regulation we are ensuring appropriate handling of Individual Numbers and specific personal information such as by maintaining our Information Management System.

Training on the Protection of Personal Information

At the Asahi Group, we have initiatives in place to ensure that personal information is appropriately acquired and managed in accordance with our policy and internal rules, through conducting personal information protection training for our staff and using the system named “Personal Information Handling Register” for centrally managing attributes of personal information.

Website Management

We strive to protect personal information obtained through our website in a responsible manner in accordance with our Privacy Policy, the Asahi Group Personal Information Protection Policy, and the Personal Information Protection Compliance Program.

  • Personal Information Protection Compliance Program
    This program establishes standards such as the Guidelines for Handling Personal Information, Rules for Information Management by Contract, Operations Manual, and Q&A documents, in order to assist individual business units that handle personal information in improving their efforts through PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

Staff Use of PCs

The Asahi Group has introduced encryption software for storing data on external media such as hard disk drives and USB memory, and also encrypts the hard disks of notebook PCs. The Asahi Group Information Security Regulation has also been established.

In addition to this, “Personal Information Handling Register”, via an independent system, has been kept at each organization to manage the process of acquisition, storage, utilization and disposal of personal information.

Work Orders to Outside Contractors

To prevent the leakage of personal information by outside contractors entrusted with the management of application information received during sales promotion campaigns, etc., the Asahi Group selects highly reliable contractors and includes a contract provision that requires compliance with the Rules for Information Management by Contract, which stipulates the handling of personal information by contractors.

Prevention of Insider Trading

To prevent securities trading based on information available only to officers and employees of each Group company (insider information and TOB information, etc., hereafter “internal information, etc.”), the Asahi Group exercises due diligence in managing information under the Asahi Group Rules for the Prevention of Insider Trading. Internal information, etc. are collected from persons responsible for or in charge of information management, and contained within the Legal Section to centralize management at Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

The Asahi Group holds training sessions for persons responsible for or in charge of information management throughout the year, and works to further spread knowledge of, and ensure the thorough implementation of, the Asahi Group Rules for the Prevention of Insider Trading.