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The origin of our value

1889 Nov.

Advertisement concerning appointment of officers of Osaka Brewery

Establishment of Osaka Brewery, Ltd., the predecessor of Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Japan Brewery, Ltd. and Sapporo Brewery, Ltd. were also founded around the same time, marking the start of the period of development of the Japanese beer industry.

1889 Nov.

President Komakichi Torii (1853-1909)

Komakichi Torii appointed as president

1891 Oct.

Suita Village Brewery (currently Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Suita Plant) completed

Advertisement depicting the completed Suita Village Brewery
Brick wall remaining in Suita Plant Guest House

1892 May

Launch of "Asahi Beer"

Advertisement concerning launch of Asahi Beer
Celebration photograph of the birth of Asahi Beer

1893 Feb.

Reorganized as Osaka Brewery, Ltd.

Image of shipping during the Osaka Brewery era (Yokobori warehouse)


"Asahi Breweries" won the highest award at the World's Columbian Exposition

"Best Honors Award" received at the World's Columbian Exposition


Cover of the Pamphlet of the 4th National Industrial Exhibition

Opening of a shop in the 4th National Industrial Exhibition (Kyoto)

1897 Jul.

Opening of the first full-scale beer hall "Asahiken"

"Asahiken", the first permanent beer hall
Beer hall "Asahiken"


Asahi Beer won the highest award at the World's Fair in Paris


Launch of Japan's first bottled draft beer "Asahi Draft Beer" without heat treatment

1906 Mar.

Dainippon Beer Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture of Osaka Brewery, Ltd., Nippon Brewery, Ltd., and Sapporo Brewery, Ltd.

Label of Dainippon Brewery that inherited the trademarks of the three merged companies
Joint commemorative label

1906 Mar.

Kyohei Makoshi (1844-1933)

Kyohei Makoshi appointed as president

1907 Jun.

Advertisement for "Hirano Kosen" from Kawakubo Hirano Kosenjo


Opening of Beer Laboratory

1910 Jan.

Launch of "Munich Beer" (barreled)


Start of contract cultivation of hops in various parts of Nagano Prefecture

1920 Feb.

Establishment of Japan Malt Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Beer Malt Co., Ltd.)

1921 Apr.

Hakata Plant completed (currently Asahi Brewery Hakata Plant)

Hakata Plant just after completion

1923 Sep.

Damage to Azumabashi Factory and others due to the Great Kanto Earthquake

Azumabashi train bridge that collapsed during the Great Kanto Earthquake

1927 Feb.

Nishinomiya Plant completed (currently Asahi Breweries Nishinomiya Plant)

Nippon Beer Kosen Plant (Nishinomiya Plant)

1927 Apr.

Dainippon Beer

Launch of "Asahi Draft Extra-large 2 liter Bottle"

1930 May

Newspaper advertisement showing continued active advertising of "EBIOS" since its launch

1933 Apr.

Launch of "Vitamin Beer"

1933 Jul.

Merger of Dainippon Beer and Japan Beer Kosen

1933 Aug.

Establishment of joint beer sales company with Kirin Brewery

"Temporary agreement" for the establishment of joint sales of beer (June 21, 1933)

1935 Apr.

"Asahi Stout" launch poster

Launch of "Asahi Stout"

1937 Feb.

President Ryutaro Takahashi (1875-1967)

Ryutaro Takahashi appointed as president

1937 Aug.

"Asahi Stubby" launch poster

Launch of "Asahi Stubby"


Start of trial cultivation of hops in Yamagata Prefecture

1943 May

Termination of individual beer trademarks (start of use of a common "beer" trademark)

Beer label after termination of brand

1944 Jun.

Opening of Dainippon Brewery Science Institute

The second foundation period with innovations

1949 Jan.

Dainippon Brewery Ltd. was split into Asahi Breweries, Ltd. and Nippon Brewery, Ltd. under the Excessive Economic Power Deconcentration Act.

1949 Sep.

President Tamesaburo Yamamoto (1893-1966)

Establishment of Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Tamesaburo Yamamoto appointed as first president
Branches: Tokyo/Osaka/Hiroshima/Shikoku/Kyushu
Plants: Azumabashi/Suita/Nishinomiya/Hakata

1951 Nov.

Advertisement concerning "Bireley's Orange" at time of sale
Advertisement for Bireley's Orange can with a date on the lid

1951 Nov.

Greeting message concerning the launch of "Bireley's Orange" and "Wilkinson Tansan Soda Water"

1954 Feb.

Liquor store management study group established

1954 Aug.

Masataka Taketsuru (1894-1979)
Asahi Sake Brewery groundbreaking ceremony (from right, Tamesaburo Yamamoto, Masataka Taketsuru)

1954 Sep.

Start of "Asahi Beer Concerts"

"Asahi Beer Concert" at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall

1957 Mar.

Launch of Asahi Gold

"Asahi Gold" launch advertisement
Special sales floor of "Asahi Gold" set up at Mitsukoshi Main Shop

1958 Sep.

Launch of "Asahi Beer", the first canned beer in Japan

Poster for the release of "Asahi Gold" in a can
Precautionary statement on the can lid

1962 May

Completion of Tokyo Omori Plant

Tokyo Omori Plant
Tokyo Omori Plant newspaper advertisement

1964 Mar.

Launch of "Asahi Steiny"

"Asahi Steiny" new release poster
"Asahi Steiny" poster celebrating 300 million sold

1964 Nov.

Establishment of Hokkaido Asahi Breweries, Ltd. through joint investment with local capital in Hokkaido (merger with Asahi Breweries, Ltd. in 1994)

Hokkaido Asahi Breweries (headquarters/plant)

1965 Mar.

Development of the world's first outdoor fermented liquor tank and installation at three plants: Nishinomiya, Azumabashi, and Hakata

Outdoor fermentation liquor storage tank brought in (Azumabashi factory)
Installed outdoor fermentation liquor storage tank (Nishinomiya Plant)

1965 Mar.

Launch of pull-top canned beer

Introducing pull-top cans that eliminate the need for can openers

1965 May

Hokkaido Asahi Breweries, Ltd. Plant (Beverage Division) completed (currently Asahi Breweries Hokkaido Plant)

1966 Feb.

President Masayoshi Nakajima (1909-1991)

Masayoshi Nakajima appointed as president

1966 Apr.

Hokkaido Asahi Breweries, Ltd. factory (Beer Division) completed (currently Asahi Breweries Hokkaido factory)

Beer event held to commemorate the construction of beverage/beer factory in Hokkaido

1966 Dec.

Completion of Kashiwa Plant

Newly established Kashiwa Factory

1969 Mar.

Full-scale launch of "Asahi Honnama" with "best-by date" display

Poster at the time of the release of "Honnama" that featured a "best by date" and "freshly brewed and chilled"

1969 Jun.

Japan's first beer gift certificate released

Poster for "Asahi Beer Honnama Gift Certificate"

1970 Nov.

Launch of "EBIOS Lactone Tablets", a lactic acid bacterium preparation

1971 Feb.

Yoshitaka Takahashi (1908-1993)

Yoshitaka Takahashi appointed as president

1971 Jun.

Launch of Asahi Beer aluminum can

The first aluminum canned beer in Japan released

1972 Mar.

Establishment of Mitsuya Vending Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.)

1972 Jun.

Completion of Fukushima (Beverage Division) Plant

Fukushima (Beverage Division) Plant

1973 Mar.

Completion of Nagoya Plant

Newly established Nagoya Plant

1976 Feb.

Naomatsu Enmei (1914-1997)

Naomatsu Enmei appointed as president

1977 May

"Mini Barrel (7R)" developed for business use

Launch of first small aluminum barrel in Japan: "Asahi Draft Beer Mini Barrel (7 liters)"

1979 Mar.

Completion of Fukushima (Beer Division) Plant

Fukushima Plant with Beer Plant added
Fukushima Plant

1979 May

Launch of "Asahi Draft Beer Mini Barrel 3" (3 liters)

"Mini Barrel 3" that ignited the household demand for draft beer
"Mini Barrel 3" advertisement

1980 Nov.

Acquisition of trademark rights for Bireley's

1982 Mar.

Tsutomu Murai (1918-2008)

Tsutomu Murai appointed as president

1982 Nov.

Poster concerning the launch of "Lowenbrau"

Partnership with Löwenbräu (Germany)

1983 Jan.

Acquisition of trademark rights for "Wilkinson Tansan Soda Water"

1984 Sep.

"Chiba Jitsubosan"

Established Chiba Kampo Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Group Foods Ltd.)

1984 Nov.

Establishment of Asahi Foundation for Living Culture Research Promotion

1985 Oct.

Newspaper advertisement declaring that the company was with the introduction of CI

Declaration of CI introduction

1986 Feb.

Newspaper advertisement promoting "novel deliciousness"

Launch of new "Asahi Draft Beer" with a "rich and sharp taste"

1986 Feb.

Start of fresh rotation (initiative to promote freshness)

1986 Mar.

President Hirotaro Higuchi (1926- )

Hirotaro Higuchi appointed as president

Great leaps forward by the accumulated innovations

1987 Mar.

"Super Dry" advertisement
Newspaper advertisement concerning coming launch of "Super Dry" (1987)

1988 Mar.

Start of import and sales of "Bass Pale Ale" in partnership with Bass Export (UK)

1988 Apr.

"Senjin Monument" erected in Suita to celebrate past company and industry members since the establishment of the company

"Senjin Monument"

1988 Jul.

Establishment of Asahi Breweries Winery Co., Ltd. (currently Sainte Neige Wine Co., Ltd. / Sold at the end of August 2021)

Asahi Breweries Winery (Ichinomiya, Yamanashi)

1988 Oct.

Establishment of Asahi Soft Drinks Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.)

1989 Jan.

Company name changed from "Asahi Brewery Company" to "Asahi Breweries, Ltd."

1989 Mar.

Establishment of Asahi Breweries Arts Foundation

1989 Oct.

Completion of new headquarters building in Azumabashi, Tokyo

"Asahi Breweries Azumabashi Building" (left) and "Asahi Breweries Azumabashi Hall" (right)
"Asahi Beer Azumabashi Hall" 1st-3rd floor beer restaurant "la Flamme d'Or"

1990 Jan.

Asahi Soft Drinks Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Asahi Soft Drinks Plant completed (currently Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Akashi Plant)

Asahi Breweries Akashi Plant (Akashi Logistics Center in the foreground)

1990 Sep.

Establishment of Asahi Breweries Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.)

1991 Apr.

Completion of Ibaraki Plant

Ibaraki Plant
Image of shipping by truck loader

1992 Mar.

Establishment of Asahi Breweries Foods Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Group Foods Ltd.)

Asahi Breweries Foods Koganei Plant
Cooked yakisoba for professional use

1992 Sep.

President Yuzo Seto (1930- )

Yuzo Seto appointed as president

1993 Mar.

Start of fresh management activities (strengthening the pursuit of freshness)

Newspaper advertisement
Sales representative using an electronic organizer at a store

1993 Mar.

1994 Jan.

Capital participation in three companies (Hangzhou Xihu Beer Asahi Co., Ltd., Fujian Quanzhou Qingyuan Beer Asahi Co., Ltd., and Jiaxing Haiyan Beer Xihu Asahi Co., Ltd.); signed technology licenses and license agreements with each company, starting full-scale entry into China

Capital tie-up with Hangzhou Beer
Joint press conference concerning the establishment of Quanzhou Beer

1994 Mar.

Establishment of Asahi Breweries, Ltd. (currently Asahi Group Foods Ltd.)

1994 Jul.

Hokuriku Asahi Soft Drinks Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hokuriku Plant completed (currently Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Hokuriku Plant)

1994 Jul.

Merger with Hokkaido Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

1995 Oct.

Asahi Black poster

Launch of Asahi Black

1995 Dec.

Participation in management of Beijing Beer Asahi Co., Ltd and Yantai Beer Asahi Co., Ltd.

1996 Apr.

Opening of Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art

Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art
Main building exhibition room

1996 May

Advertisement for "Super Dry" in a subway station (London)

Conclusion of a comprehensive alliance agreement with Bass Brewery in the United Kingdom

1996 Jul.

Asahi Beer Beverage Co., Ltd., Asahi Beer Beverage Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Hokuriku Asahi Beer Beverage Manufacturing Co., Ltd. merged and changed the company name to Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., starting as a soft drink manufacturing and sales company.

1996 Sep.

Opening of Europe Office

1997 Sep.

Establishment of Permanent Representative to China in Beijing

1997 Sep.

WONDA series

1997 Oct.

Establishment of Asahi Breweries Research and Development Center as a base for research and development for the entire Asahi Breweries Group

Research & Development Center
Test brewery

1997 Dec.

"Asahi Super Dry" ranked No. 1 brand of the year (based on the sales volume announced by each company in the industry)

Poster concerning achievement of No. 1 beer sales
No. 1 sales poster

1998 Mar.

"Super Dry" advertisement in China

Production of Asahi Super Dry started in China

1998 Apr.

Established Asahi Breweries U.S.A. (currently Asahi International)

Billboard "JAPAN'S No.1 BRAND" (in Los Angeles)

1998 May

Establishment of Asahi Breweries Europe (currently Asahi International)

1998 Jun.

Completion of Shikoku Plant

Shikoku Plant

1998 Nov.

Achieved 100% recycling of waste at all plants

Waste "Separation Station" (Ibaraki Plant)
Non-fluorocarbon vending machine (Nagoya factory)

1998 Dec.

Advertisement for "No. 1 draft beer sales "

Achieved the top share in the domestic beer market (based on annual taxable quantity)

1999 Jan.

President Shigeo Fukuchi (1934- )

Shigeo Fukuchi appointed as president

1999 Jan.

Establishment Okinawa Asahi Sales Co., Ltd.

2000 Jan.

Start of manufacturing of Asahi Super Dry in Prague, Czech Republic

Expanding the business portfolio and synergies among each brand

2001 Feb.

2001 Apr.

Newspaper advertisement explaining the integration of sales department with Nikka Whisky

Integration of sales department with Nikka Whisky Distillery Co., Ltd.

2001 Sep.

FSC FM certification
"Asahi Morinoko Juku"

2001 Dec.

Achieved the top share in the domestic beer/low-malt beer markets

2002 Jan.

President Koichi Ikeda (1940- )

Koichi Ikeda appointed as president

2002 May

Completion of Kanagawa Plant

Kanagawa Plant

2002 Jul.

Asahi Breweries Foods Co., Ltd. and Asahi Breweries Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. were integrated to establish Asahi Foods and Healthcare, Ltd.

2002 Aug.

Agreement on comprehensive business alliance between Asahi Breweries, Ltd. and Orion Breweries, Ltd.

Advertisement concerning business tie-up with Orion Breweries
Orion Beer Nago Plant

2002 Aug.

"Tsingtao Beer" poster

Acquired rights to sell and started sales of Tsingtao Beer in Japan

2002 Sep.

Acquisition of alcoholic beverage business from Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd. and established Asahi Kyowa Brewery Co., Ltd. (merged with Nikka Whiskey Distilling Co., Ltd. in January 2006)

Tsuchiura Plant
Moji Plant

2002 Sep.

Transferred the shochu and low-alcohol beverage businesses from Asahi Kasei Corporation

2002 Sep.

Sales tie-up with Maxim Japan Co., Ltd.

In-company poster boasting the change to a comprehensive alcoholic beverage company

2002 Nov.

Launch of "Asahi Orion Draft"

2002 Dec.

Established Smile Support Co., Ltd. (currently Asahi Field Marketing Co., Ltd.)

In-store follow-up activities

2003 Jan.

Asahi Food & Healthcare Ltd. and POLA INC. integrated

2003 Dec.

Smile Support Co., Ltd. changed name to Asahi Field Marketing Co., Ltd. and strengthened its systems

2004 Jan.

Establishment of a beverage company with Master Kong Holdings Co., Ltd., a major Chinese food business group

2004 May

Completion of new plant of Beijing Beer Asahi Co., Ltd.

New Beijing beer plant
Beijing Beer

2004 Jun.

Acquisition of domestic sales rights for prestigious Gancia Italian sparkling wine products

2004 Nov.

Establishment of Lotte Asahi Liquor Ltd. through investment in the liquor sales company of the Lotte Group in South Korea

2005 Feb.

Start of wind power generation operation of Green Power Aso

"Asahi J-POWER Kazenoko Juku"

2005 May, Sep.

Acquisition of shares of two Elbee companies (beverage and food manufacturer)

Elbee (Saitama)
Elbee (Nagoya)

2005 Jul.

Start of production of "Asahi Super Dry" in the UK

2006 Jan.

Demonstration experiment of biomass ethanol production and utilization started in Ie Village, Okinawa Prefecture

Conceptual diagram of demonstration experiment on Ie Island, Okinawa Prefecture
Biomass ethanol

2006 Mar.

President Hitoshi Ogita (1934- )

Hitoshi Ogita appointed as president

2006 May

2006 May

Establishment of Zhejiang Xihu Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

2006 May

Start of agricultural management in Shandong Province, China

Operated ranch

2007 Feb.

Business and capital tie-up with Kagome Co., Ltd.

Presentation concerning "Asahi Tomate"

2007 Mar.

Advertisement concerning "Style Free" launch

2007 Mar.

Introduced solar power generation at Hakata Plant

2007 Apr.

Turned Wakodo Co., Ltd. into a wholly owned subsidiary (currently Asahi Group Foods)

2007 May

Start of manufacturing of low-alcohol beverages and soft drinks at the Ibaraki Plant

2008 Feb.

Development of next-generation lightweight can lid "206 Diameter Super End"

2008 Mar.

2008 Mar.

Start of production of "Asahi Super Dry" in Russia

2008 Apr.


Start of manufacturing and sales of milk in China

2008 Jul.

Amano Jitsugyo Satosho Plant
Main products of Amano Jitsugyo

2008 Aug.

Full-scale introduction of the new technique "PIE boiling method" at Suita Plant

Laying the foundations for future global growth

2009 Mar.

Start of Asahi Super Dry "Delicious! To tomorrow!"

"Delicious! To tomorrow!" Project

2009 Apr.

Acquisition of all shares of Australian beverage company Schweppes Australia

Schweppes Australia Tullamarine Factory

2010 Mar.

President Naoki Izumiya (1948- )

Naoki Izumiya appointed as president

2010 Mar.

Formulation of Environmental Vision 2020 "Blessings of Nature to Tomorrow"

2010 Mar.

Full-scale development of Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold

2010 Apr.

Mineral water business transferred from House Foods

2010 Aug.

Conclusion of stock sales agreement for P&N Beverages Australia

2010 Nov.

Investment in holding company of Ting Hsin International Group, the largest food and distribution company in China

2011 Apr.

Asahi Super Dry won the highest award of "Champion Beer" at The Brewing Industry International Awards 2011

Award Ceremony/Tsuzuki Branch Manager

2011 Jul.

Transition to "Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.", a pure holding company

2011 Sep.

Acquisition of shares in New Zealand liquor giant "Flavoured Beverages Group Holdings Limited"

2011 Sep.

Acquisition of shares in New Zealand beverage company "Charlie's Group Limited"

2011 Sep.

Acquired mineral water and fruit juice beverage business from Australian beverage company "P & N Beverages Australia"

2011 Nov.

Acquisition of shares in Malaysian beverage company "Permanis Sdn. Bhd."

2012 Feb.

Launch of "Asahi Dry Zero" and "Asahi Super Dry Dry Black"

"Asahi Dry Zero" poster
"Asahi Super Dry Dry Black" poster

2012 Mar.

Taketsuru Pure Malt 25 Years Old first received the world's highest award in the World Whiskies Awards 2012 for the Blended Malt Whisky Category

2012 Aug.

Asahi Breweries Nishinomiya Factory Discontinued

2012 Oct.

2013 Jan.

"Jack Daniel's" poster

Start of sales of 18 items from 8 brands including whisky and liqueur manufactured by Brown-Forman in Japan

2013 Mar.

"Clear Asahi Prime Rich" poster

Launch of "Clear Asahi Prime Rich"

2013 Jun.

"Asahi Super Dry Dry Premium" advertisement

"Asahi Super Dry Dry Premium" gift limited release

2013 Sep.

Calpis Co., Ltd. domestic beverage business and sales division transferred to Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.

2013 Dec.

Launch of canned coffee "WONDA" in Malaysia

2014 Feb.

Full-scale development of premium beer "Asahi Super Dry Dry Premium"

2014 Apr.

Conclusion of a stock sales agreement with the Malaysian food company Etika International Holdings Limited regarding the dairy products-related business in Southeast Asia

2014 Apr.

"Asahi Super Dry" won the gold medal at World Beer Cup 2014

World Beer Cup 2014 Gold Medal-winning advertisement

2014 Nov.

Acquisition of shares of Nadaman Co., Ltd. by Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

2015 Jan.

Gold Partner Agreement

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. selected as "Tokyo 2020 Gold Partner"

2015 Mar.

Acquisition of shares of Enoteca Co., Ltd., a major domestic wine dealer

2015 Oct.

Launch of Australia-only premium beer "Asahi Sokai"

2015 Nov.

Asahi Super Dry, winner of Brussels Beer Challenge 2015 Gold Medal

Brussels Beer Challenge Gold Medal winner

2015 Dec.

Expansion of the Calpis brand into Malaysia

2016 Jan.

Consolidation of dry beverage business into Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.

2016 Jan.

Transfer of the functional food/animal feed business of Calpis Co., Ltd. to Asahi Calpis Wellness Co., Ltd.

2016 Feb.

Announcement of "Long-term Vision" and "Medium-Term Management Plan"

2016 Mar.

President Akiyoshi Koji (1951- )

Akiyoshi Koji appointed as president

2016 Apr.

Launch of RTD "Mogitate"

2016 Oct.

Acquisition of former SAB Miller's Italian, Dutch and UK businesses and other related assets (creating a subsidiary)

2017 Mar.

Acquisition of beer business and other related assets of the former SAB Miller in five Central and Eastern European countries (creating a subsidiary)

2017 Mar.

Established Asahi Biocycle Co., Ltd.

2017 May

Five products, including Taketsuru Pure Malt 25 Years Old and Single Malt Yoichi, won gold medals at the International Spirits Challenge 2017

International Spirits Challenge 2017 Logo
5 Gold Medal-winning products

2017 Sep.

Launch of 3 craft beers from "TOKYO Sumitagawa Brewing"

2017 Oct.

Asahi Super Dry Instant Dry won the Gold Medal at Brussels Beer Challenge 2017 (Gold Medal for 3 consecutive years from 2015)

Brussels Beer Challenge 2017 Logo
"Asahi Super Dry Instant Dry"

2018 Apr.

Start of joint modal shift between Kansai, China and Kyushu by 4 beer companies

2018 Jun.

"Nikka Cafe Vodka" won the "Trophy" as the highest award in the Vodka category at International Spirits Challenge 2018
Taketsuru Pure Malt 21 Years Old and Taketsuru Pure Malt winning Gold Medal

Award ceremony
"Nikka Coffey Vodka", the top winner of the category and 2 gold medal-winning products

2019 Jan.

"Asahi Group Philosophy" poster

Implementation of "Asahi Group Philosophy"

2019 Feb.

Update of "Mid-term Management Plan"

2019 Feb.

Formulation of Asahi Group Environmental Vision 2050: "Connecting the blessings of nature to the next generation based on the concept of 'Neutral & Plus'"

2019 Apr.

Acquisition of premium beer and cider business and other related assets of Fuller, Smith & Turner P.L.C., U.K.

2019 Jun.

"Taketsuru 25 Years Pure Malt" won the Trophy as the highest award in the Japanese whisky category at the International Spirits Challenge 2019 and the world's highest award in the blended malt whisky category at the World Whiskies Award 2019.

Award ceremony
Taketsuru Pure Malt 25 Years Old

2020 Apr.

Asahi Calpis Wellness Co., Ltd.'s mail-order and ingredients businesses become wholly owned subsidiaries of Asahi Group Foods Ltd.
Asahi Biocycle Co., Ltd. is merged into the feed business of Asahi Calpis Wellness Co., Ltd.

2020 Jun.

Acquisition of AB InBev's Australian business (Carlton & United Breweries business)

2021 Jan.

Complete integration of Asahi Calpis Wellness Co., Ltd.

2021 Mar.

President Atsushi Katsuki (1960- )

Atsushi Katsuki appointed as president

2022 Jan.

Established Asahi Group Japan, Ltd. and Asahi You. Us, Ltd.