As a result of economic development and changes in society, connections between people based on local communities and a shared sense of values are growing increasingly weaker. In such circumstances, the global impact of the novel coronavirus has highlighted the importance of people-to-people connections.
The Asahi Group is helping to restore connections and create new ones by providing alcoholic beverages and soft drinks indispensable in places where people come together and talk, as well as co-creating and implementing initiatives in partnership with its stakeholders.

Realize Sustainable Communities through the Creation of People-to-People Connections


The Asahi Group has enjoyed the support of local communities over its long history. The weakening of connections in these local communities is now giving rise to a variety of social issues.
We want to enable people, people and communities, and communities and other communities to feel more connected to each other all the time. The Asahi Group is taking on the challenge of solving local issues around the world with the aim of realizing sustainable communities.


Based on the belief that it is important to reevaluate and once again promote various kinds of connections, the Asahi Group established RE:CONNECTION as the slogan for its activities on the material issue of “Communities” in 2021. Under this slogan, we have identified three Group-wide focus areas, "Food," "Regional Environment," and "Disaster Relief," which are highly relevant to our business, and are working with various people to resolve issues facing the communities that effectively support us.

Activities Report on Realizing Sustainable Communities through the Creation of People-to-People Connections


Using Yeast that Has Made Delicious Beer to Grow High-Quality Agricultural Produce

Supporting Agriculture with Brewing Yeast Cell Walls

The cell walls of brewing yeast contain active ingredients that encourage plant growth. An agricultural material (fertilizer raw material) derived from brewing yeast cell walls produced with an Asahi Group proprietary processing method, is producing results at farms all over the country. Those results include increasing harvest yields and reducing the use of agrochemicals.

To Keep Traditional Hops, the Star of Pilsner Beer, Alive

FOR HOPS, Reforming Cultivation Systems

FOR HOPS is a project that protects hops grown in the Czech Republic, an indispensable ingredient in Pilsner beer, from water shortages. Using the power of cutting-edge technologies, a project has been launched to build efficient irrigation mechanisms.

A Fair Production Structure that First Makes Farmers Happy

Dairy Farmer Support Program

Malaysian beverages manufacturer Etika Dairies Sdn. Bhd has rolled out a Dairy Farmer Support Program for sustainable raw material procurement. The goals of this initiative are to bring stability to dairy farm business management and to raise the standard of raw milk production.

“Regional Environment”

Ensuring Forests that Store an Abundance of Water Ourselves

Forest Preservation Activities at Water Sources

Forest preservation at water sources is an important responsibility for a company that uses water to make its products. The Asahi Group is actively engaged in forest preservation activities to protect forests near the production sites of Group companies throughout Japan and the Group-owned forest “Asahi Forest.”

Helping Drought-Affected Farmers with Recycled Water from Breweries

Water on Wheels, a Disaster Relief Initiative Using Surplus Water

Water on Wheels is a disaster relief initiative to support drought-affected farmers in Australia. Under the initiative, recycled water from the brewery process is being delivered to farmers. As well as being a useful form of disaster relief, it also reduces environmental burden and offers an opportunity for people in local communities to regain their connection with the land.

Bringing Back Old-Fashioned Straws Made of Wheat Straw

Reducing Plastic Usage with the Fuzoroi Straw

Amid a growing focus on the reduction of plastics as a global issue, a social project endeavoring to revive drinking straws made of natural wheat straw has begun. This collaborative project between industry, government, academia and local communities aims to reduce environmental burden, give independence to people with disabilities, and generate co-creation with local communities.

“Disaster Relief”

17 Tapsters Rush to Help Hop Farmers

Bartenders Helping Out on Hop Farms

Czech pubs were forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while hop farms were struck with labor shortage. To solve both these predicaments, a project to send pub bartenders out to the hop fields was launched.

Bringing Nutrition and Energy to People Devastated by Flooding

Flood Relief Through Delivery of Supplies

In response to the massive floods that struck central Vietnam, Asahi Beverages Vietnam launched an initiative to deliver relief supplies to the afflicted areas. The company chose highly nutritional products from its own line-up to include in the relief supplies, to help restore the energy of the recipients.

List of initiatives

Data Book

We publish the Sustainability Data Book as a tool to provide comprehensive non-financial information on the Asahi Group's sustainability, including policies, systems, data, and initiatives.